Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Post # 7202 Instant Replay

Later tonight the weather is going to change.  We went from the 50s to the 40s and are headed for the 30s with some snow tonight.  Yesterday it was at least 72.  Originally they said we could get up to 7 inches by Friday.  Now we may just get a couple inches and that is much better.

Night all.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Post #7201 At Last, Company for Dinner

Started off coolish and went up to 72 degrees today.  What a treat. 

This afternoon I started prepping for dinner.  Sweet and sour red cabbage....

and German potato salad.

For years we have been having monthly dinners with our friends....Brenda and Al.
(Except for the past 12 months or more)  Now that we have all had our shots, we decided to finally get together.
Fortunately it was warm enough for the quartet to spend the majority of the day naked.

Our guests arrived a 6 and we started off with drinks and snacks 
on the back porch, which has really not been set up yet.

I finished making the fried onions and apples....
along with some bratwurst and smoked sausage just before we ate.
Served it with pumpernickel bread and spicy brown mustard.
What a meal!
And to top it off, Brenda made a pistachio cake for dessert.
So nice to spend a few hours with good friends.
Night all.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Post #7200 Back to the Red Coat

We had a trace of snow last night and the high winds did not take a break until mid morning. 
Fortunately the sun came out sooner than later.

I was hoping that Little Wonder would not need his red coat until fall.
but no!

I made a quick trip to Wegmans as we are having our first dinner guests (we all had our second shots in February) tomorrow night and I needed to figure out a menu.  Relaxed for much of the afternoon.
So did my buddy.

Ironically, the heavy rain cleaned off most of the dirt on the windows in the library and living room.  They have been so messed up from the winter plowing (the front of our house is fairly close to the road)  and the recent winds.  Good light.
We had dinner theatre tonight.  A salad and
the leftover cauliflower casserole.  Last night we started watching a series, and caught the third segment while we were eating.  I think we are hooked.
Night all.