Thursday, March 4, 2021

Post #7175 Mr. Dominic's at the Lake

Crispy with a side of sunshine. 

It started to snow when I went out for chores and once again the ground was covered.

I ran three quick errands and took it easy after lunch.

Once the sun came out, much of the snow melted....again.

Our friends, Ed and Lisa, treated us to dinner at Mr. Dominic's tonight.
First time dining in.  We arrived at 4pm so we would be the only ones there.
All four of us are 4 weeks out from our second Covid shots and we only took our masks off to eat.
About an hour later a few people came in, but we were at a table totally separate from the others.
I must say, it felt pretty safe.
All of our meals were fabulous.  I had shells.  Gary had Chicken Saltinbocca.
Lisa had gnocchi and Ed had Chicken French.  We were also given Italian Bread and the salads were nice and big.  What a nice gift!

The sunset was quite spectacular on our way home

Needless to say, Little Wonder was happy to see us.  He and Sidney held down the fort.

Night all.


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Val Ewing said...

Nice! I think it has been more than a year for us since we've dined out. I think maybe this week I might do a take out!