Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Where Are All The Pictures?

Another dreary day, and I sure did not use my camera much!

After chores I did a couple things around the house, and then took my friend Judy P. to Rorbach's for a birthday lunch.  We indulged and caught up for a couple of hours.  A nice break.
Back at the ranch, it was all about hanging by the fire and reading (which puts me to sleep).
After a long hiatus, She Sings will be practicing here tomorrow so I got out my mic, amp and ukulele and sang a few songs for my own listening pleasure.  Old songs, like "You Send Me", "500 Miles", "Don't Think Twice" and a couple others.  It felt good.  I love singing into a mic, especially when no one is around.
Little Wonder and I have been doing too much vegging lately.
Last year our friend Adam R. gave us this umbrella plant and it was huge.  I have had to cut back many droopy leaves, but it's making a comeback.
This year he gave us another, and it's starting to sprout a new leaf.  It was also big when he dropped it off, but a lot of damage took place when they brought it in the back of a truck and I just cut off the leaves that were shredded.  I love having plants in our house....we have many.
Sidney has the right idea.
Night all.  Tomorrow I will get my camera back in gear!


Monday, November 29, 2021

Polka Kilbasa and Cabbage Soup

The sky was gorgeous this morning and the temperature hovered a little above freezing all day.

There must have been some hunters in the back 40 that caused Angel and Elliott to run in to the front paddock.

Back in the house by 8:30.
A friend posted a photo today....she has a couple of cats who love the Christmas tree so instead of doing the traditional, she hung lights entirely around her living room (just below the ceiling) and attached 6 boxes of ornaments.  It looked gorgeous!  So I sent her a photo of this "mobile" that I have had hanging in our kitchen year round for several years.  I turn on the Twinkie lights during the holidays.

I was more than happy to have an appointment with the massage therapist this afternoon...I was so tight!
When I got back to the farm there was some good light in the kitchen.

I began working on dinner around 3.  The last time I did it in the crock pot, but since I did not have enough time,  started out on the stove top and finished it in the oven,

Onions, cabbage, carrots, Polka Kilbasa and potatoes topped with 4 cups of chicken stock, salt and fresh ground pepper.
Added 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar....then topped with a lid and put it in the oven for a little over an hour.
Served it with fried apples and onions.

Perfect with a slice of pumpernickel bread.
Night all.


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Feels Like Winter


The horses have hay, but they still prefer digging for grass.

My little buddy does not get muddy feet now that we have some snow.

Usually I am not in the mood for breakfast, but today a poached egg sounded good.  Tasted good too!

Took it easy this afternoon (movie time) and had chore duty tonight.  The horses were waiting to go inside.

Made roasted potatoes for dinner
and Gary requested meatball sandwiches.  So good.
Can't wait to play some music on Wednesday and got called to play bridge on Thursday.  Getting back in a groove.
Night all.

Kat F. posted this photo of The Rebel today.  From Thanksgiving day when he was living at Forrestal Farm.  Such a sweet boy.