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Thursday, November 4, 2021


This is the second morning we have had frost on the car windows, and tonight it may go down to the high 20s.  Ironically, in a few days we may hit 60.  It was so dark before sunrise,

This afternoon I went down to the Library to play duplicate bridge.  Have really enjoyed this being part of my week.
Home around 4.  At last, the color on the trees (in our yard) has peaked.  So much later than usual.
Before going to Brockport I started on dinner so I could put it in the crockpot and it would be all set for tonight.  I saut√©ed a couple of onions with 4 peppers (red and green), par boiled Italian sausage, cut it into little pieces and put it in the crockpot.  Also chopped up a couple of fresh tomatoes.  When I got back to the farm I added a shot of red wine and 4 diced pepperoncini.
Served it over white spaghetti (olive oil, butter, Romano cheese and fresh ground pepper) with a side salad.  Delicious.
After dinner I tried to get some photos of Little Wonder.

He sure looks different in these.

Time to get out by the fire.
Night all.

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