Thursday, August 31, 2017

I Keep Messing Up My Chair!

The temperature was in the 60s today.
Fine with me.

 After chores I was stung by a bee near my right wrist bone.  Great!
I put ice on it when I got to the house, then took benedryl.  
It is still swollen and red....the top of my hand and heading up toward the 
inside of my elbow.  The Doc says this could take 3-5 days before my hand is
back to normal. At least I was smart enough to take my rings off.

After a quick shower the dogs and I made a quick trip to Brockport 
to buy a can of min-was poly to put on our chairs.

 Then, we went out to the Studio and I proceeded to wreck my chair.
I got the seat done...
 and added some dots.
I should have left the top section alone....but no!  I had to keep messing with it.

 Gary went to Alfred for the day to visit a friend and I was being rather domestic.
We had a couple of huge nectarines hanging around so I made a rustic tart.

 Also pickled two jars of beets.
 When he got back to the farm we went out to the Studio....again.
He put the poly on his beautiful chair and I proceeded to over paint the top of mine.
 Now I have to go out for the third time and fix the flowers on the right!

 It's nice that Little Wonder and Phoebe enjoy being in the Studio.
Good company.

 I thawed out some leftover lasagna that I had frozen,
made a salad and that was dinner.
Night all.
It is now 10pm.  I have been out in the Studio for a couple of hours and still have not finished painting one section of my chair!
 I love this space even more at night.
There is a good OLD set of components in there and a ton of CDs, so I close the door
and listen while I work.
 I ended up blocking out the flower on the far right and will have to continue tomorrow.
 This song by Luther Vandross sums it up.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bird Seed and Checkers

Another gorgeous day here in Western New York....
while other states are burning and flooding.
We are so fortunate.
 It's that time of year when color returns to the morning sky.

After chores I checked my email and ended up taking a couple of quick shots to send in a reply
to one of my blog friends in Canada.  She had ridden her horse bareback and with a neck rope and I could not resist responding as I did this with Berlin's Dam.  Only I rode in a dressage saddle with a neck rope.  What a great feeling.
These photos were taken today through glass, so they are weird.
My horse, Marieke, is on the left and Hollander (her full brother) is on the right.
Two gorgeous Anglo-Trakehners by Abdullah (who lived nearby and was in the Olympics).
 This is a watercolor painting by our friend Pat Turcotte.
Marieke and I were at a breed show.
I can't believe I ever was able to have a horse of this quality as I was and still am just
a back yard horse person.
We lost her to colic at age 18.
 I dropped Little Wonder and Phoebe off at the groomers at 10 and went up to the Rec Center to start setting up a room with a new rug and furniture.  The Seniors have started moving into the building for their activities and I want them (and everyone else who uses the building) to 
have a home base where they can relax, play cards or whatever.
Picked them up around 2.

 They looked and smelled delicious!!!!
Sherri always does a terrific job with them.
 Somehow during the ride home Phoebe did this to her harness.
 I spent a couple of hours this afternoon mowing.

 Gary finished his chair for the auction and is calling it "Checkers."

 Mine is called "Birdseed."  Tomorrow I will finish painting it.
 Gary was sent home with a doggy bag when he left Finks last night,
 so all I had to do was make a cucumber/sour cream salad and heat up 
corn, chicken and a couple ribs.
I just finished the 6th season of "Suits" (on Amazon) and am going to be lost
until the 7th season starts.  It had me so hooked.
Maybe I'll have to get back to reading.
Over and out.
Night all.