Friday, February 28, 2014

Dinner Time With The Usual Suspects....

Too tired to write.
Night all.

Random 5 Friday

This has been the longest winter in captivity, and I am on the bandwagon with most of the country to get it over with.

 1.  We have two very long driveways and a turnaround that we have never stopped shoveling.  Fortunately the snow has been light and fluffy, so we only had to have it plowed once.
 2.  Long underwear has been a must every single day.
 3.  The ponies have been outside all day, everyday except for 2 times when it was just too windy and the windchill was -25 or more.  They have a 60 foot shed roof, two run-ins and an indoor they can go in whenever they want but seldom choose to do so.  What they like (appreciate) is having a nice cozy stall to hang out in at night while they are chowing away.
4.  Two of the horses (Angle and Maggie/top two photos) moved up from Florida in September.  What an initiation to winter!
5. The two good things....lots of comfort food and sitting by the fire.

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