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Friday, February 7, 2014

What's With All The Wind????

Another day with frozen hands.  I'd say it was a high of 11 or lower with a windchill of -15.
 A spectacular sunrise.
 A grey morning....

 and a very bright afternoon.
 The good news!  No shoveling.

 Seymour and Sophie were smart enough to come in and out, while Sidney spent most of the day in the barn.  I swear he does not want to move when he is all comfy.
 I passed on First Friday...Gary was on his own tonight.

Chores at 5:30 and it was still pretty light out.  The girls didn't leave any hay today!  It was so darn cold they needed every piece.  Fortunately the barn was 20 degrees when I put them in.
 If I don't pick the paddock before I feed, the manure is so frozen the next day I can't get it.  Maggie thought it was pretty interesting.

 Annette (Oak Creek Ranch) asked me how the Florida babes were doing.  Well, they all have on heavy Rambos topped with sheets and don't act cold.  I sure wish they would voluntarily spend some time in the indoor out of the wind...the door is always open.

Didn't make dinner tonight.  Gary had food at First Friday and I had a bowl of chili.
We are almost down to 40 days 'til spring...do you think it will be remotely normal?
Night all.


  1. Pretty sunrise. Our gang cleans up all their hay everyday. Have to fill the hay nets each morning to the top.

    Didn't cook tonight either. This weather is depressing. 40 days til Spring! Yeah!

  2. I imagine the girls like your cold better than the Florida heat and humidity. Ugh.

  3. Wicked ugly winds yesterday. I thought it would be nice out right?
    I got on the ridge and the winds were howling.

    Silly me, thought the sun would make it a nice day.

  4. Our sunrise looked like that too! And then, the melting began and now the icing begins. Good thing I have YakTrax to keep me from slipping. I miss checking the blog now that we see each other on FB all the time - Glad you are still keeping up with this. It's a lot of work, but so fun and beautiful to see it. Stay warm!


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