Saturday, September 30, 2023

Called For Help

Not my favorite day

When I got out to the barn, Rebel was down.  He got up to eat and I called my most knowledgeable horse pal for some advice.  In the meantime, at 8:15 Jenny, Scott and Finn arrived to put another load of hay in the barn.

With all those bodies, it did not take long.

Jenny helped me with the stalls and then picked some raspberries so she could make a smoothie when she got back home.
Finn came home for the weekend.

Andrea arrived at 12:30.  I had Rebel in the grooming room with his boot off.  I had already taken his temperature (100.7).  We soaked his foot first, and when she checked it could not find any tender spots.
Could it be tendons?  Next, we iced his leg.

She felt there was a little less swelling.....
and put on a standing wrap.
This time, I did not put Buddy in the stall so he did not get all worked up.  Eventually, Rebel was ready to go back out.  I will probably call the Vet on Monday.  Andrea is licensed by the British Horse Society and she has always been my go to person.  Knows so much and always come through for me when I am having horse concerns.
At his point, we are not sure what is causing the lameness.  All I know, is that I am a wreck as I watch him and it has an impact on my brain, not to mention my old body.
I tried to relax for awhile with Little Wonder.

We're having company for lunch tomorrow.  The Food Editor from the Buffalo News and his girlfriend are coming over.  Jenny too.  I was not in the mood to cook, but forced myself to make a pot of Alfredo/Lasagna soup.  It's different and delicious.
I had to taste it.  Naturally I did not follow the directions.  More mushrooms, more spinach, more Alfredo sauce, Pecorino Romano instead of Parmesan,  more chicken broth, more lasagna, huge onion....blah blah blah.
I went out a little early so I could take off the wrap and ice Rebel's leg.

While I was in his stall, he went down for a few minutes and as soon as I took the ice off he got up and started to eat his hay.  I see an x ray in his future.
Night all.


Friday, September 29, 2023

More of the Same

You can't beat the weather we have been having lately.  Nights in the low 50s, days in the high 60s.

I fed the ponies and turned them out for a few minutes while I got everything ready to soak and wrap Rebel's foot.  Yes....still very lame.

Once again I put Rebel in a stall with some hay and made sure he kept his foot in the bucket of warm water and Epsom Salts.  I sat in a chair next to him and he was pretty good.  Getting the boot off was quite a pain.  This time I could smell something other than straight Icthammol and I am hoping the abscess is starting to drain.
Got him in the cross ties after I dried him off.

In the meantime, Buddy was working himself into a sweat in the stall.  He was a major distraction this morning and sure did not like being in there.

Rebel was very stubborn about lifting his foot up but I finally got the wrap on him.

He was happy to go out.  So was his Buddy.

Lame or not, he did plenty of walking all day long.
Our apple tree (a gift when we moved here in 1981) is absolutely loaded and they keep falling on the ground.  I'd like to mow tomorrow so I raked some up and took them into the feed room.
Gary spent the majority of the day priming boards, as he is going to replace the East exterior wall of the Studio.  It's been fading for the past several years.
Little Wonder and I went out for evening chores a little before 7.

It's time for Rebel to get some relief.

This afternoon I made a big pot of vegetarian chili for dinner.
It tasted great.  We picked over a peck of San Marzano tomatoes the other day and it's going to be very sad when they are gone.
Another load of hay is being delivered early tomorrow morning.  Everyone is thrilled.
Night all.