Tuesday, September 26, 2023

One Hurtin' Cowboy

Just when I thought Rebel was ok..... tonight he was dead lame, even tho I put a new boot on during spa time.  Poor guy.  The farrier is coming tomorrow morning to see if she can do something to help him.

Between this morning and this afternoon (even tho he had a boot on) he got gimpier and gimpier.

Alice got here at 10 and I enticed the boys to come into the grooming room for spa day.

Buddy was first.

Then it was Rebel's turn.

I made him a new boot.

We had to make them go out....they wanted more cookies and apples.
At that time Rebel seemed ok.
Alice treated me to lunch....I wore my barn ensemble and probably embarrassed her.
One of Little Wonder's favorite spots is the couch in the living room.  By late afternoon the sun was putting him in some good light.

I spent more time working on lists and changing an invitation design before going out to do chores.
Rebel was waiting in the barn and did not like putting his lame foot down.

I sure hope we can get him some relief tomorrow morning.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

I hope tomorrow brings some relief and Rebel will be a lot happier, you too.

Val Ewing said...

I sure hope Rebel finds some relief. Lameness is so hard to figure out in horses.

Sandra said...

I'm really sorry about Rebel. Hope the farrier can find what's wrong. LW looks concerned, too.