Sunday, February 28, 2021

Post #7171 The Turning Point?


Night all.

One of my blogging friends, (Susie of Arabia) sent me these beautiful photos today as she was remembering Phoebe.

Love them.....


Saturday, February 27, 2021

Post #7170 Get 'er Done

We had some serious rain after the horses were turned out this morning and I ended up putting their hay under the shed roof.  Berlin was the only one that thought it was a good idea and they all ended up getting soaked by 9:30. 

Fortunately it stopped raining before I went back to the house.
Jenny called and said she was coming to ride at 1pm, so I started cleaning my tack before she arrived.
While she and Karen were getting the horses ready, I raked the indoor.

I actually got on Rebel today.  He was such a good boy.

While Jenny was riding, Scott helped Gary rehang the sliding door to the grooming room.
Berlin supervised the entire project.  We are very lucky to have Scott helping us....there is nothing he cannot do.  Such a pro.

After they finished, a big branch was cut down that was a low hanger near the door.

The horses were feeling their cheerios.

Little Wonder waited patiently in the house while all this was going on.

I had evening chore duty and it was nice and bright when I went out to the barn.
By the time I got them tucked in it was about 6:20 and there was still some light.
I'm loving this.

Breakfast for dinner....again.
I'm still most happy to have pancakes!
Night all.