Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Lazy Day

 Another beautiful morning.

 The sunflowers have started to bloom, but they are still droopy due to the lack of rain.

 After chores I went over to our neighbors house to get a good look at the damage.
Last night it was boarded up so it would be secure.  So lucky that there were no injuries.

At this time of the year the day lilies show up....we have hundreds of them.
 Gary was called back into duty today.  He and another guy drove 3 big trees to Tonawanda (which is out toward Buffalo) and spent much of the day digging holes and planting them.  He did not get home until 5:30. 
After chores I took a shower and ran a couple of errands.  It felt good to be clean and dressed with no obligations.  When I got back to the farm I took it easy and did some reading.

 Before dinner I went out to pick some dill for a cucumber salad.
 The cabbage must like this weather, as it is going nuttttssssss!

 I had these small sub rolls, cut three meatballs in half for each one and broiled them.

 finished off the potatoes
 and cut up some watermelon.

 Phoebe was served her dinner, but she preferred to sack out.
 So much for today.
Night all.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Yet Another Crash!

 Nice, fresh air....

 After chores I went down to Agape.  Half of my workout buds were not there, so instead of talking, I read my book while I was on the elliptical and the bike.  It made time fly.
20/20/3 (cool down on treadmill).
 On the way home I stopped in the village.  Woody was playing his guitar in front of Java.

 Went home and I had just enough time to take a shower before driving over to The Center to play bridge.  Had to sub for someone.
The garden Gary planted is coming along nicely.  He will do some weeding there tomorrow.
 The property sits right next to the Erie Canal and this is the view from the second floor (room) where we were meeting.  Absolutely gorgeous.
 I stopped at Jen's to check on the boys, then headed back to the farm around 4:30.
There was plenty of spinach waiting to be picked when I got there,  and a lot more in waiting.
 Gary and Coop drove over to Finn's 6pm baseball game and I stayed home.
A little before 7 I heard another insanely loud crash.  Grabbed my phone and camera and went out and saw this!  A young man lost control of his van and ended up taking down our neighbors front porch and denting in the front of his house!  It all started in front of our house, wrecked our mailbox, dug up our yard and kept going.
Nice....  Fortunately, no one was in the house and the driver walked away.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
What the heck is going on!  The road is perfectly straight, nice wide shoulders and jerks are speeding and obviously not paying attention for one reason or another .
3 guesses.
Night all.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Shots in the Dark...

Ahhh, we had a decent cool down.

 All the sprinkling cans of water Gary has carried to the veggie garden are paying off.  Everything is still growing.
 This hibiscus blossom appeared on the back porch....nicely protected from the hot sun.
 Class at 10:30.
LuAnne, my very fun and funky student, made me a bag out of Gary's old neckties.  I posted it several months ago.  We thought it would be fun for her to glue some to a canvas and create a collage sealed with modge podge (or whatever you call that stuff).  This was her first attempt.
Unique.  Cool!  Who else would have done this????
 Tina recently bought this little felted foal and brought it in for a little show and tell.
 Len continued to work on his is gorgeous and huge.
 Helen, on the far left, was in flux.  Let's see what happens next week...she was working on the butterfly last week.
 It is such a pleasure to work with these people!!!!
 I forgot to grab a shot of Shamra's dog before she left...another German Shepherd.
 Pam has started a new piece using pastels....
 LuAnne, who once said she was not at all interested in drawing, has changed her mind.
She is working on fish in colored pencil and really seems to enjoy it.
 Look at the eyes on this pup!  Donna has really found her niche.
 I added a little more to my painting.
 Seeing that Gary is now off duty at Sara's, he has been working very hard on the gardens.
This one is out by the studio...he just put in a butterfly bush.
 We had a simple, early dinner tonight as I needed to be in Brockport for a board meeting before 7.
 Coleslaw, beans and hots.
 Just like a picnic.
 When I left, Gary was still moving mulch.  (Angel was watching him).

 It was almost dark when we left the Town Hall.
 By the time I got home, Gary had made a lot of progress.

 Enough already!
Night all.