Friday, June 24, 2016


 Around 1pm, we heard a very loud, explosive kind of sound.  A car going 65mph went off the road (across the street) and was airborne over the driveway before it flipped over, then righted itself.
Gary called 911 and the sheriff was there in minutes.  The Rescue and fire trucks too.  I'd love to know what this young man was doing, that he was so distracted.  He was shaken, but hopefully will be alright.
 Gary helped me clean the house, then I started working on dinner.  It took most of the afternoon.

 I made shish ki bobs....marinated chicken thighs with peppers, mushrooms and onions
and put them into the frig while I prepared other things.
 The potatoes were supposed to be similar to what Gary had at Zambistro's.  That required bacon
and gorganzola cheese.
 After setting the table I did a little reading before grabbing a quick shower.
 Brenda, Al, Anne and Ron arrived right on time.   6pm.
We started off with gazpacho soup (made by Anne) out on the back porch.
Some of the best I have ever eaten.
 Gary watched the grill...I put together 9 shish ki bobs.
 The weather was just perfect.
 The horses were providing us with entertainment.

 Gray finished grilling and I put together the potatoes and salad.

 We had fresh Italian bread so I made a couple little plates of a flavored olive oil with Romano cheese and fresh ground pepper.
 The potatoes were a bomb!!!!  I was supposed to boil them, smash them, then put them in a skillet with butter....topped with bacon and gorganzola cheese.
They fell apart, so I turned it into a potato casserole (of sorts).
 I made a huge salad....spinach and strawberries from our garden, topped with Feta cheese.

 The accidental potato casserole turned out great.  I put all the potatoes in a bowl, drizzled on a little melted butter and sprinkled the top with the rest of the bacon and cheese.  Salt and lots of pepper.  Put them in the broiler for a few minutes so the flavors would blend together.
 Everything was delish!
 Yesterday was Brenda's birthday and she brought a cake for dessert.
 Made from scratch...3 layers and unbelievable!

After we finished...talked until 10:30.  Another great evening with friends.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Good food shared with good doesn't get any better than that.

Glad the young man is going to be alright. I would guess he was doing anything but paying attention to his driving. Everyone is so distracted these days with texting or phone calls no one pays attention to the road. I once saw a guy eating a bowl of cereal and reading the paper while driving!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

It seems like there are quite a few accidents on your road, by your place. Do you live on a curve? I'm glad that kid was okay.