Sunday, June 12, 2016

Brrrrrrr. Can You Believe It?

This weather has been nothing but a merry-go-round.  90, 40, 60, 50.  Crazy.
 It was another cool morning...

 but by 10am I decided to put the masks back on the girls.  I would not like having bugs near my eyes so why should they put up with it?

Gary got our weed whacker started for me and I did a little trimming.
At noon he went down to the Welcome Center for his shift... 
there were 9 boats docked there last night.

By 1, I was at the Sunday Jam.
The Gallery had flowers in all the window boxes.

When we were finished, I had just enough time to go over to the Salmon Creek Nursery,
where they had a wine tasting and entertainment.

 "Eight Days A Week" was playing.  They do all Beatles songs and we had a ball with them last year at Summer Serenades.

 There was a nice crowd with great food and decent weather.

 I did not knock myself out making dinner.  Veggie burgers....
 and a big salad.
 By chore time it was windy and very cold.
 The girls were ready for dinner.

 Tucked them in...

and now I am off duty.
Night all.


Michelle said...

I would love that Beatles cover band!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great band! Cool and windy here too. Had to put the fly masks on too. Blue's ears were very bitten up but we're treating it. That's one tasty looking burger!

Val Ewing said...

Sounds like a great day.
It was cold here this morning but got pretty warm and humid by this evening.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...