Wednesday, June 1, 2016

All Around The Town...

A little chilly this morning.  Felt so good!
 Berlin was watching for me.

 Everything is growing like crazy.
 Before I went in the house I grabbed some rhubarb to drop off for my friend Andrea,
as I was going to drive past Glen Darach Farm on my way to the "Zombie House" meeting.
She loves it.
 The grass there was almost as tall as one of the minis.
They had cut some hay down the road...hopefully they got it in today, as rain is on the way.
 Andrea has lots of gardens, and these poppies were gorgeous.

 I arrived at the Greece Community and Senior Center by 11:45,
and Rob (our Town Supervisor) pulled in at the same time.
What a facility this is!!!!!
 The meeting was very productive and it should help governments in this area when it comes to doing something about houses that have been foreclosed upon and left empty and ignored.  The banks need to start stepping up on behalf of all the people who don't want their property values to decrease because the deserted houses are so neglected.

On my way home I went to the bank, Wegmans and Country Max, where I picked up some hay cubes.
They have a garden center as well and I could not resist taking photos.

 Did not get back to the farm until after 3:30.
 Gary brought home a hanging plant for the side porch.  It's perfect!
 Cooper participated in his school play tonight, so we were over at the Hill School by 7.

 We sat next to Jenny's neighbors and I took these pictures to post on FB so they could be seen by the Mom of the family, who is in Jordan on an archeological dig.
Of course Chris was trying to photobomb the shot.

 The play was performed by the team of Squillante and Kinslow and as you can see, it was all about character.
 Character does matter!
 Many lessons could be learned from this play.


A very sweet event...and Cooper played his part well!
Night all.
I just loaded 5 videos and they did not show up!
With the help of Roger, the techie King! I am now able to upload videos!