Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Time To Clean House...

 Phoebe had to be taken to the Animal Hospital today.
She continues to be very itchy and I hope this latest plan works.
Today I washed all of her beds, pillows and chair covers
and vacuumed the entire house.
 Leftovers for these simple meals.
Tonight was spent at the Town Hall and our workshop lasted from 7-9:30.
It was a good one.
Tomorrow I am going to a workshop about "Zombie" houses.  Do you 
have many where you live?  The banks that have repossessed them
sure do not seem to care about the impact they have on all kinds 
of neighborhoods.  One of the TV stations was in Brockport today
after receiving complaints from neighbors who want more to be done.
The banks just don't give a rip.
Night all.


Val Ewing said...

One, I hope Phoebe gets her itch fixed!
Two ... clean house. Yes oh my! A job I'd rather not do but have to get done.
Three. I've never heard of a Zombie house. We don't have but a few houses on our ridge and surrounding area, so I don't think we have any near here.
I've never heard it called a Zombie House!
However we do have foreclosures and sheriff's auctions. I've seen one house in town that has been for sale for 7 yrs!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope the new plan works for Phoebes itch. Poor girl. I've never heard of a Zombie house but I'm sure every ton has a few themed like to see gone.

B : ) said...

Hi there. There is a new allergy medicine out that is a whole new class of meds. It was at first hard to get but our vet now has a steady supplier. Our CiCi takes two Zyrtec a day and one Atopica. We stopped the Atopica and started the new med and it's been like a miracle! It is called Apoquel and it costs less than Atopica. My vet gave us the bigger pills for bigger dogs and showed us how to cut them in three pieces with scissors and then Ci gets one piece a day, so it costs even less. If she itches most in the day she should have it in the morning. If night is her time to itch, then give at night. If she has a particularly bad time, you can give more. I highly recommend it!

lilysgrannie said...

What about her food? Our dog had itching problems and we were advised to eliminate dry food and only use canned with very, very few ingredients. He of course, did not enjoy this food all that much and so I spent the last 4 years of his life sautéing ground turkey with a hint of garlic powder and he agreed this was what he enjoyed most. It did clear up the itching problem.

Unknown said...
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