Thursday, May 19, 2016

On The Road Again And Again....

 After chores I did a few things around the house, then I took a shower and got ready to drive into Rochester.  Sally was treating Judy and I to lunch at Tony D's.
 We sat in an enclosed porch next to the river.  Absolutely gorgeous weather.

 We all loved the atmosphere, the food, the service and the conversation.
Thank you Sally!
 I got back to the farm by 2.

 I had time to pull more sticky weeds and then Mary arrived.
We were invited by the Highway Superintendent, Brian, to take a look at a job they were working on not too far from our house.

 We were happy to learn more about the various responsibilities carried on by this department.

 The people who live on this road will be very happy with the improvements.

 This afternoon the girls came in from the pastures and were happy 
to hang out in the front paddock.

 For the first time this week, Gary got home early enough to work on the gardens.
In between, we had dinner.
I made chicken salad and served it on a bed of spinach.  Simple and delish.
 The girls were waiting for Karen to arrive so they could get tucked in.

Pretty much like a day off.
Night all.

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