Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Home Front....

Not so sunny today, but we didn't have rain.
 After chores Karen and I finished putting up new tape on the hill behind the barn.
It looks much better!

 I managed to finish mowing the rest of the pastures and they all look great.
Of course all the dandelions will be standing up within hours.

 My friend Sara stopped at the farm today for some rhubarb and brought along the latest painting she is working on.  I love it, and hope that Sara from Pumpkin's Patch tunes in.

 The outdoor arena was also worked up.  That means we will get a lot of rain.....soon.
It never fails.
 Sidney seems to love sacking out in between the rows of garlic.  He was there much of the afternoon.
 Today Gary had help from a terrific young man....Elliott....
who is the son of one of our friends.  They worked together in the gardens for 
five hours and he will come back again next weekend.
 Our first Iris have started to bloom.
 Caught the Preakness just before going out to do chores.  I'm always relieved when all the horses are ok at the end of the race.  I did read, however, that a horse in the first race of the day collapsed on the way back to the barn and died on the spot.  This is such a tough sport...young horses being pushed to their limits.
 Meanwhile back at the ranch, our 4 girls are living the life of Riley.

 Tucked them in and at 7:30 Gary was still out planting....
he only has 1000!  yes 1000! onion sets.  Should take awhile.
Time for a nice, hot shower.
Night all.

I want to give a shout out to Ellen G. from Medina, NY.
Today I received the nicest note in the mail from her, as she reads my Journal
and was sorry about our loss of Gucci.
It is so nice to connect with people.
Thank you Ellen.  I really appreciate your kind words!


Nancy J said...

One of the comments on my blog recently from Lara B said,"...... international boundaries disappear" , and they do. Happiness or sadness, we bloggers share a special bond like no other. Garlic by the dozen and more, lovely new header, and Gucci will always be there in your heart, and in ours out here too.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Everything looks great at your farm. I'm just wondering why it is that every time you do your arena it rains here too? Just kidding.;)

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about Gucci. Pets are family.