Friday, May 20, 2016

Fine Dining

It doesn't get much better than this!  What a gorgeous morning.

 After chores I mowed two of the smaller pastures.  
The girl's golf course.

 That should get things growing and in good shape.

 I was a little late getting to Agape.  At least I made it.
 On my way home I stopped at Wegmans.  Then I ate lunch and went back out for more mowing.

 Tonight we had our monthly dinner with Brenda, Al, Anne and Ron.
My assignment....a salad.
Mixed greens, onions, roasted red peppers, cherry tomatoes, avacado, corn and extra sharp
cheddar cheese.  My latest invention.
 This is Tootsie...the queen of the Cretney household.
She is one sweet girl.

 Brenda is a fine watercolorist and Al is a carver.
This is one of his birds.
 Another great meal.
Chicken topped with a wine/mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and succotash...
and my salad.
 Here is another bird Al is currently working on.  It's a Magpie and it's HUGE!

 Anne made a spectacular dessert.
A chocolate torte with a side of strawberry ice cream.
We were spoiled rotten.
Tonight we had quite a discussion about the state of affairs surrounding us.
It's a different world out there.
Night all.


Jo said...

Hi Lori, a beautiful day indeed. I love your header of the horse' head and haunch. Neat photography. And I love the look of your salad; you are innovative. Al is a wonderful carver. The dinner looks yummy. Have a great day. Jo

Oak Creek Ranch said...

That salad looks wonderful -- right up my alley. Al is an excellent woodcarver as we well know!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your pastures look great! Love that picture of Abbe too. Beautiful girl.

Very talented carver. Those birds look so life like.