Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rain, Snow and Hail Today.

There was a little this sun this morning along strong winds, making it feel like the low 30s.
These big temperature swings are not my favorite!

 I gave Abbe and Berlin a nice massage with a grooma and put their blankets on.

 It's a darn good thing, as I stopped at Weggies on my way to the Sunday Jam
 and it started to rain.  10 minutes later it was hailing!
 Only 6 of us had the energy to show up today.  Yesterday was really a long one!
 We were very casual and wandered all over the place.   Learning a couple new songs...there are so many good ones out there.
One of the 4 Jims in our group requested Jambalaya for our last.
 I took it easy when I got back to the farm.

 The girls were ready to be tucked in around 7.

Phoebe got a bath today as she seemed very itchy and it's not fleas.  Since Gary had a fire going and she was very cozy, she chose not to go out for chores.  By the time I went back to the house, she changed her mind and ran around the yard 
while I picked some fresh flowers 
for the kitchen table.. 
they smell so good.

 Another easy dinner.  French toast and a fruit cup.
Off duty.
Night all.

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Dreaming said...

We are huddling inside in long sleeves, sweaters and warm socks. Cold here, too.