Monday, May 2, 2016

Taaa Daaaaaaaaa!

What a nasty morning.  It was pouring and very cold.
So crummy I kept the horses in until it stopped....around noon.
They were not happy with me.

 I turned the heat on in the Studio around 7:30, before going out to the barn.
 By the time my class arrived, it was not quite warm enough, but they were troopers.

 As soon as they left, I let the girls out and they went straight to the pastures.
 At 1:30, I had an appointment to have my stitches removed.  Here is the before shot....
 and this is the after, right when they were removed.  
Pretty ugmo, but a shower will improve the look.
I was totally happy with the Doctor, the surgery, the hospital and the outcome.
My fingers did not swell, the bandage never felt too tight, I never had to take one pain pill and was able to do chores (without using that hand the first few days) and did not miss a board meeting or grand jury duty (I put a pillow under my arm).  Very grateful...especially since I did not get an infection that could have been very serious.  The Doc knew what he was doing.
I will be so happy not to have to wear plastic bags to the barn and in the shower.
 By late afternoon, the sun was making an effort to appear.
 Gary was able to work on the gardens.
 I thawed out some ham and cabbage soup
 which I served with pumpernickel bread, cheese and apples.
 Gucci's flowers are still very beautiful.  When I see her pictures I really miss her.
 Night all.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Wonderful news that those stitches are out, and everything looks great -- Your dinner did too! :-)

Nancy J said...

Gucci will always be there, in your heart, in a photo, and in all those memories. Stitches, this was not a minor op by anybody's estimation. Enjoy your spring days.

Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

Your arm looks wonderful. I want to come to your house for supper!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad those stitches are out. That has to feel so much better. Gucci will always be around you in your heart and memories of such a sweet girl.