Wednesday, May 4, 2016

One Thing After Another....

I did not have to go to Rochester today, but I was very busy right here in Brockport.
 I'm on my own in the barn now....just have to wear a bandage over my wrist for the next few days when I am out there.  The girls get carrots every time I feed them.
So nice, not having to rush.

 After chores I picked some tulips and dropped them off at The Center.
  Checked in on the chorus and noticed that more chair rail was put up in the dining room.
I saw Judy there and was invited to join her and Sally for lunch at Java.
From there I went to Agape.
It was great to get back to work but I did not do my usual.
20/treadmill, 15/elliptical and 14/bike.  Should return to normal on Friday.
 Had a nice lunch with my pals...Greek panini and salad.
 After that I went over to the Village Hall

 to help judge a poster contest for the Low Bridge High Water event coming up in about 10 days.
 My last stop was Wegmans.
Coop spent the afternoon with us.
 Gary gave him some fielding practice, hitting out balls.

 Jenny picked him up at 5:30 and drove him over to his team practice.

Late afternoon, I decided to take a pile of plants out to the side porch.  These Boston ferns have been given to me by friends who don't want to winter them in their homes because they are so messy.  I get it!  They are constantly dropping leaves all over the place.  Hopefully they are protected enough and we won't get anymore frosts.
 I actually made dinner.  Sloppy Joes, corn and coleslaw.
Comfort food.
That's it.
Night all.

I am loving my new "old" schedule.

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Val Ewing said...

Sounds like a bit of a quieter day for you. We had patchy frost here this morning, but it looks like it may be the last for a while.
I like ferns, but more like the ones I can see growing in the woods or in my shade garden!
You still had a pretty busy day!