Friday, May 13, 2016

Low Bridge High Water

All kinds of activity in Brockport today.

 After chores I intended to go to Agape....changed my clothes, stopped at Jenny's, made another quick stop, then got into the village.  When I saw this mural going up in Sagawa Park I had to stop and stayed there until it was totally installed.
Through a grant and additional fundraising, Rochester artist, Rick Muto, was commissioned to produce this piece...Portraits From The Past.
 I was on the committee that facilitated this project and sent Rick dozens of photos to use as references.
 Two men from the Village DPW did an outstanding job installing the panels.
It is about 35 feet long and fits right into the park setting.
Rick outdid himself!
 After that I went to the Village Hall and decided to forget about going to Agape!
 I had chore duty tonight.

 Tucked the girls in, took a shower....and was headed back to the village.
There was an art opening at A Different Path and that was my first stop.
  A great turnout for the Brockport Artist's Guild Show.
 Jim was there providing entertainment.
 Here are a few examples.

 Next stop....The New York State Craft Beer & Cider Big Tent Event, sponsored by The Stoneyard Brewing Company.  There were over 40 breweries, live music and food.  All part of the Low Bridge High Water celebration.
 It was held in a huge tent next to the Erie Canal and the place was packed.

 The dynamic duo was there.
 We decided to go over to Barber's for a sandwich as there was nowhere to sit at the tent.
 Unbelievable crowds everywhere.  This is graduation weekend at the college and it has been bumper to bumper all day.
 We ran into Brian and Michelle.  He and Gary used to paint together 
and he just painted The Center.
 Notice the photo bombers....
 Brian insisted on a retake.
 We made a quick stop at the tent on our way back to our cars, so we could catch a sample of the third band.

 Left by 9:30.  Enough!
Night all.

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