Friday, March 31, 2017

Swamp Moose

Unbelievable!  It has been raining for a gazillion hours.
 We are surrounded by mud and water.
 I did not turn out the girls...they had breakfast in bed.

 I did not let the dogs go to the barn with me, but they had a few minutes out when
chores were finished.
 Their wet feet kept the kitchen floor in wonderful shape.

 Sidney stayed in the house and slept in his favorite spot for hours.
Smart cat.
Every morning Gary picks up the Buffalo News when he leaves Java, and when he gets home he reads it and works on a few word games.  Little Wonder loves to keep him company.
 I met my friend Cheryl at Java for lunch and had a Greek Pannini and salad for lunch.
Superb!  It was great to catch up.
 This is what LW does when I drive in or out in my car.
He watches me out of the kitchen window.
 Around 4 I decided to turn the girls out.  This is how much rain we had had since last night.
 I could put a kayak in the outdoor arena.

 The pond that had gone away by yesterday was bigger than ever in the pasture.
 Obviously the rain didn't bother the horses, as they were happy to go to the highest pasture for some grass (after they ate the 2nd cutting under the shed roof).

 The garlic has really taken off.

 I made a pot of sauce today and at 5:30, called Jenny to see if she and Scott wanted to join us for dinner.  Ironically, he was preparing Italian sausage.
 So they brought that up to the farm along with a loaf of Italian bread.

 I made a salad and we combined everything for a delicious dinner.

 Ya know the house in the back 40?  This is how it looks at night, with at least 8 lights.
They must be getting ready to move in.
 At 9 we went down to 58 Main to watch
This is a two man band and I know Steve (below) as he works for the Town.
Little did I know he loves to perform and is so good at it!
This was his 60th birthday and many others who work with him at the Town Hall were
there to celebrate.

 Both of these guys are terrific musicians and have great voices.
It always amazes me the way they are able to remember the lyrics to 
so many songs.

It's still raining and I can't imagine how long it is going to take to get rid of all this water.
Night all.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Red Sky This Morning, Raining Tonight

The color in the sky this morning only lasted for minutes.

 It ended up being grey and cold enough for the girls to wear their blankets.

 Late morning I took Little Wonder and Phoebe for a ride down to the village so we could go for a walk.  Then I ran a few errands and we were back at the farm for the duration.

 Gary worked at Sara's until 3 and was ready for a nap when he got home.
 It started to rain/snow so our dinner was perfect.
Some of the best chicken soup I've ever made.
 So glad we have plenty of wood to keep the fire going!
Night all.