Monday, April 30, 2018

Vacation Day...

By the time I went out to the barn at 7:30, the Highway Department was
picking up all of our brush.
 We had a huge pile that was about 35 feet long.

 It was pretty cool, and the clouds were gorgeous.

 By noon I had to have the house cleaned and food ready for lunch and bridge.
 More blossoms today.  Insane!

 Lorna, Hanny and Bobby arrived right on time and we had
 a salad and corn chowder for lunch.

 I had tried to make a peach cobbler after chores and ended up burning the top
when I was trying to brown it up and the phone rang!
Instead, we ended up having peaches from Watts Farm.
Simple and delicious.

 Since Ann has moved, we are very happy to have Lorna taking her place.
Who could ask for a better hand than this?

 Gary went down to watch Finn and Coop play baseball and as soon as he got home
he was out working in one of the gardens.
 The sunshine is so inspiring.

Night all.

Here are a couple more clips from Sankofa.
The most aerobic thing you will ever see....

Sunday, April 29, 2018

4 Big Piggies....

I was really thrilled to see snow this morning.
Fortunately it disappeared. 

 When we get in from morning chores Phoebe and Little Wonder want a cookie.
 I got myself into high gear this morning and made a pot of corn chowder for tomorrow.  Hanny, Bobby and Lorna are coming for lunch and bridge so I
needed a head start.

 We had our Sunday Jam at one.
 It was not our best session, but it was a full house.
So nice that Roseanne is back from wintering in Florida.

While we were there, the sun came out and the temperature was 53 when I left.
 Did I ever tell you that Phoebe is going to be 14 years old?
Doesn't she still look like a puppy....

 Another blossom this morning.
 Out of control!

 I did make dinner.
 roasted sweet potatoes
 and wings.

Chore duty tonight.  The paddock is still a mess.

 We did have some very good light tho!

 Tucked the girls in for the night.
 Don't they look lovely?

Night all.

Now that Sankofa is over I would love to have you see some of the performances.
For years I have been doing a photo shoot the night of the dress rehearsal.
You would love it!
Here are many of my drumming pals.