Saturday, March 31, 2012


 Well Tina, it's almost the end of the line for the flowers you brought over a couple of weeks ago.
They were the bright spot of the morning, as it SNOWED last night.
 Not what I wanted to see.
 Were the flowers going to survive?
 The girls seemed to do well last night with Abbe's new housing arrangements.

 I think they appreciated having their hay under the shed roof.
 Having two horses is so different.  For the past 30 years I have had an average of 6-8 to take care of.
 The snow really lets you see how the garlic is looking.

Drumming today.
 I don't know if drumming last night had anything to do with it, but today when Khalid had us working arms were killing me.  Fortunately I survived.

 Just before we quit, the sun came out and by the time I got back to the farm 
everything was green again.

 Put Berlin and Abbe in a little early

 as Gary and I went to the Macaroni Grill for card.  Of course I forgot my camera.

For those of you who are missing Belle, here is a photo of her taken shortly after she got off the trailer at the Double G Ranch.  It was taken by Sharon (ranch owner/manager/trainer) who reported that she was doing very well.  So far so good.  I'm sure she will keep in touch, and I can't wait to see the new indoor they are building.
By the way, there is another Belle at the ranch, so Belle is now Bella.  Beautiful girl.
Night all.

Friday, March 30, 2012


 Another crisp morning.
 In the 20s.
 Fed the girls in the side paddock so they could be in the sunshine.
 I washed a rain sheet for Belle last night, so she could take it with her.
 Chester and Jill were here to help with chores.
 They took Belle's tack and grooming supplies out to the car...

 ...and we waited for the new owners to arrive.
 A pretty sad morning, but Jill did very well.
 They walked out to get Belle and she was a perfect lady, 
considering she was being taken away from her girls.

She hopped right on the trailer...there was some calling back and forth.  It's hard for me to hear that when a horse is leaving.

 Berlin and Abbe knew something was going on and eventually went back to the pasture.
 Even the pups sensed something.  We sure will miss Chester's visits.
 These two are going to be sticking together for awhile.
 Had my Tai Chi class today.  We have now been taught the first five of six forms.  Even with my bum knee, I can do this.  Below is Jane H.....our teacher.
 I went right from there over to the college where there was a celebration for our friend George Rich, who passed away a short time ago.  10 members of our chorus led the Alma Mater.
 It was very cold by the time we got home.
 Put my two girls in a little early.
 Abbe is now in Belle's stall ....
 across from Berlin.
 A simple dinner.

Tonight I did something different.  At 9pm Gary drove me and my drum down to the college, where there was a Latino event going on.  Khalid and 9 other drummers (students and Saturday drummers)
went there to perform.

Fortunately, Gary lugged my drum to and from.  It's a very good one, but so heavy.  A fine experience.  Some of the stuff we played was new to me and I learned a lot. 
All of us are so honored to play with Khalid.

Zak, who I have known since he was about 7 (his Mom boarded a horse and pony here until they got their barn built) decided to take a little spin on a mechanical bull.  Now he is married, the father of two daughters with a baby on the way!  Also , a top drummer.  Not too many people stayed on for long.

Well, it's almost midnight and it has been snowing for hours.  My poor daffodils.
Night all.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


 It was very cold and damp this morning, so rain sheets went on the girls.  
Belle's last full day at Skoog Farm.  I must say, she has been perfect the whole time she has been here.
Great manners and good with the other horses.
 Chester looked especially sweet today.
 Chores were done in no time.
 I started a fire after lunch and just vegged.
 Made a quick trip to Wegmans with Phoebe and Gucci riding shotgun.
 This adorable pup was in the car next to us.
 Home, chores and that was that.
Just didn't get in very many pictures today.
Have to finish this now so I can watch "Missing."  What an exciting new show.
Night all.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


 It rained last night, but it sure shaped up this morning.
 It was mild when I went out to the barn, so off with the blankets.
 In fact, we got into the 60s.
 Sara, from Punkin's Patch, asked how we made out with the freezing temperatures the night before last.  We covered up a couple of our fragile, young plants and they made it.  The daffodils took a little beating.  Some of them were flat out on the ground so I picked them.

 Dropped my car off for an inspection and oil change on the way down to chorus.
 A fine rehearsal!  We are really catching on.
 On the way home we stopped to pick up my car....BAD NEWS!  I needed new front brakes and some other expensive the tune of $666.  That sure did not make my day.

When we got back to the farm,  I tested out the camera on my cell phone and took 
some photos of the girls.

Caught a shot of  the rhubarb for Annette so she can see how far behind we are compared to what's happening in California.
 What a beautiful afternoon!!!!

 Back to get my car at 3.  I like this old depot  next to where I got it repaired....

Gary met Finn and Coop at the bus.  At 5:30 we took them up to the Golden Eagle for dinner.

 Gary challenged Finn and Coop into tasting a pepperochini and they actually tried it!

 Shucks Gomer....

 Chores when I got home.  The temperature had dropped and there was a little spitting rain.

Tucked them in....
Time for PJs and a cuppa tea.
Night all.