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Thursday, March 1, 2012


 To the barn....
 Chester is lookin' good.  Jill took him to see the Vet yesterday and he has gained 7 pounds!
 He stands show ready a lot.
 Well Brett, this was another ugmo morning.  We are deep into mud.
 I don't know what I would do without that shed roof.
 Isn't the paddock lovely?  One inch of rain equals 15 inches of snow.

 It took a little longer for us to do chores this morning as I put fresh pellets in the stalls.
 Of course all the dogs had muddy feet.  And didn't Chester move from his back seat to mess up Jill's.
 I had to run several errands (of course Phoebe and Gucci wanted to ride shotgun) and when I got home the sun appeared.

 Very temporary.  More rain in the afternoon.
 It's a good thing my $4 flowers are still brightening up the kitchen.
 Gary went to Buffalo to watch a basketball tournament (his old high school team was in the semis).
I went out to do chores.

 Guess what the ponies were doing today.
 I took this picture when I finished chores and my breath appeared!  Didn't think it was that cold.
 Looked different when the flash was off.  At any rate, those girls got tucked in for the night.
Had leftover soup for dinner...Now that I'm feeling better, will be hungry later!
Night all.


  1. There's my shot again! Lovely!
    Looks like it's time to have the kids over for a grooming session.

  2. Hi Lori! I've enjoyed playing the game of 'catch-up' on your blog this evening! It's gotten to a point that I don't see horses without thinking of you, and just today, I was noticing how dirty some of them have gotten with all the mud and rain we've had, not to mention their coats. But it's almost time to shed those for another year! I hope you're doing well and your day is ending on a good note!!

  3. Chester is really turning into a gorgeous dog. He and Jill look so happy together.
    Kalvin and Jackson did get along when they were turned out. Kalvin and Flash were buddies -- at least Kalvin tried to be friends with Flash. I don't think Flash cared. Jackson can't tolerate more than a few minutes of turnout anymore and Kalvin is horrible with Winston (who really needs the turn out). Maybe he'll settle with time. I hope so.

  4. Was Chester a show dog at any time? he stands so posed, and composed, looking so loved, Jill and you must be so happy with him.
    Yes, slush and mud are so awful to tramp through. Flowers sure brighten up the days, Cheers from Jean

  5. It's a dogs world, we just live in it! LoL!
    Love the photo through the arbor with a view of the barn.
    Glad you're feeling better Lori.
    : )

  6. It was ugmo here the other day also; however, the "ug" part was frozen. Thanks Lori for the equation of snow to rain. I always wondered about that and could never find the answer. Now our rain charts will be more accurate.

  7. Lovely shot of your barn in the sun through the arch.

  8. Lovely shot of your barn in the sun through the arch.

  9. Ho, those dirty horsies! and I, too, love the shot of the barn through the arch.

  10. Lorelie!

    Is Chester a new furry addition to the fam? Oh how gorgeous he is. I so love puppy dogs. Have my daughter's two right now for the weekend and getting my puppy fix. Pics are gorgeous as usual, some magnificent. I am catching up on your posts, so toodaloo!

  11. The yellow [daisy?] is special- excellent composition, wonderful texture-- simply beautiful. The header photo of the horse is delightful -- the graininess really adds to its beauty.


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