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Monday, March 19, 2012


 I must savor these beautiful mornings

It makes me wonder what the weather will be like this summer if it's this hot now.

Aspen Meadows is getting our weather (California) and we are getting there's.

Jill and Chester were here this morning.  I only needed to wear a sweatshirt as it was mild from the getgo.
 We completed chores in short order and then I went out to pick the pastures.
 The girls joined me.
 I never left the farm...a perfect day to hangout with the ponies and just stay outside.

 Eventually it was time to nibble on some hay.

 All kinds of things are starting to bloom.
 The grass was the best in the back pasture so Berlin, Belle and Abbe took full advantage.

 Did a little more dragging today.  The paddocks are all fluffed up...which means we will have torrential downpours in the near future.
 Our lawn is covered with purple patches.

Have to post early, as I am going to play bridge tonight.
What do you think Sally?  We have to play soon.
Night all.


  1. fond Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  2. Is it my imagination or does Abbe look CLEAN!!!!? :) They all look wonderful! Beautiful weather indeed!

  3. Funny.... I was wondering the same thing about what summer might be like if we are already have such warm weather.
    Your ponies are all so cute!

  4. Yet another great day at the Skoog Farm.

  5. We did switch weather again today. It was freezing here1 -- at least for us thin skinned Californians. I love those shots of Abbe.

  6. Gorgeous weather and beautiful pictures. I was wondering the same thing about the summer but then I heard on the news that this summer should be cool. Long explanation why but it had something to do with the jet stream. Let's. Hope they get this one right.

  7. I had a strange error message when I tried to leave a comment - "conflicting edits".


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