Sunday, July 31, 2011


I am very sorry to say that we lost L'orange Marmalade today.  One of the sweetest cats I have ever known.  Just a couple of days ago he was sacked out on our bed dreaming of good things.  He loved to be in the house with us and will be greatly missed.

I still had to do chores and carry on.
 Jill was here...brought along Casey.

 We visited her kitties in the grooming/tack room.
 They won't approach me yet, but at least came out of hiding when they heard Jill's voice.
 Took a shower and went down to the Farm Market.

 Home by 11.  Gary was still working on his walk through the fruit tree garden....
 I picked another wagon full of onions.
 The plum tomatoes are getting pretty big.
 Grabbed a couple of egg plants.
 Did not have pm chore duty.  We went over to Apple Creek Farm for dinner.

 Their orchids were in full bloom.
 I made a cucumber and tomato salad with a little onion and extra sharp cheddar cheese.

 We had two different kinds of chicken....
 Veggie lasagna...

 and nice, crusty rolls.

 Dessert was organic vanilla ice cream with peaches, berries and whipped cream.  An outstanding meal.
 Left for home about 8:30.  The sky had some pretty dramatic clouds.

 Took off the ponies masks and tucked them in about 9:30.  Newbie was observing.
 I wonder if Seymour realized he was in the window.
 Night all.  Rest in Peace Orange.


All is well!  High 80s and sunny.  Beach time.


One of the all time favorites everywhere - Italian Spaghetti.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011


 Ariana woke up at 5:15 today, in anticipation of the long ride to the Cape.  99% of the clothes were packed and ready to go (although I always seem to find something that was left behind).  Grampa had a 7:30 meeting and said his good byes.
 I grained the horses and got back to the house by the time Jenny arrived.  She was going to have one bursting car full of kids and "things."
 I give her a lot of credit for traveling with four.
 They were off before 8:30.
 I went out to finish chores.
 Gary left for Buffalo...a garden show.  I washed the sheets and remade the beds upstairs before crashing.  Then I gave one last push and mowed around the pastures.

 I spent the afternoon half asleep on the couch.  Went out to do evening chores at 5:30.

 Did not cook...we went down to the Golden Eagle for dinner.  Nothing fancy.

 I received several reports from my roving reporter (Ariana) today as the crew was progressing toward their destination.  They promised to send pictures everyday.
 Fortunately (or unfortunately) they had movies for the car and were kept busy.
After 9+ hours they arrived.  The photos were sent from a Blackberry and are not crispy....sorry.
 Above, are all the kids minus Addie.  Should be quite an experience.
 And here are the people in roommates and now vacationing together.
Lindsey, Jenny and Jenny.
Here is Addie, the kid missing from the group photo.  Are they going to have fun or what?

Meanwhile....back at the ranch.
 I went out to take the masks off the ponies...too nice to put them in the barn.  Later.

 Newbie was on the perch, longing to be outside.

 Of course my buddies were keeping me company.

Seymour has the right idea....relax........
Night all.