Rebel, July 4th, 2019 at Forrestel Farm

Rebel, July 4th, 2019 at Forrestel Farm
“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” — Elliott Erwitt


Saturday, July 23, 2011


 Jill was here to help with chores this morning.  Surprise, was hot and muggy.
 The ponies were in and out in and out.

 Lots of tail swishing.
 Before the temperature peaked, I mowed the big pasture.

 I can't believe there is a single blade of green grass.
 We all vegged at home for most of the day.
 Ariana picked up my camera and took a couple of shots....Miss Daniela.
 We put two fans on us...then Ariana, Steph, Daniela and I had a little drum circle....sort of.

 I tried to get them to go to a pool or the takers.
Went out to do chores at 5.  Dinner at Jen's tonight.
 This orange bucket has Belle's dinner in it.

 Put the horses out around 5:40.
 Took an ice cold shower and we were off to Brockport.
 Ariana broke out another of her new dresses.  This is my favorite.
 Finn and Coop got lost in a what else is new in today's world.
 Keeps kids in a trance.....
 Joe watched a little soccer while we finished getting dinner ready....and I forgot to take pictures of all the great food.

And I was hoping it would rain....
night all.


  1. Hot and muggy with no rain -- that's just not fair.

  2. We are below Buffalo, and got a good soaking! OMG it felt good! Hopefully you got some for the horses sake. Ours loves the rain! 8^)

  3. It's got to break this week (i hope). We got a passing shower last night which was good to just at least water the pastures a little. Stay cool.

  4. We got about an hour of rain last night, from 10 to 11 PM. I hope that you got it too. Today, so far, is a blessing, cool and with a lovely breeze. It feels so good after all that miserable heat.


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