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Friday, July 8, 2011


The day finally arrived.  King Mustafa was going "home."  Abbe and he will miss each other.
 Barb's barn was up.  The pasture was all set.  Fresh sawdust in the stalls.  Waiting....
 A red truck pulling a big horse trailer parked at the end of the driveway.
 Dick, who along with his wife own a big hunter/jumper stable, had already loaded (Your) Grace and was here to pick up the King.  For years they had been stabled together and now Barb would own both of them.  She'll have her hands full for a couple of days.
 Would they remember each other?
 Grace is 18 years old and will spend her retirement (along with KM) in "heaven."  All hard working ponies should be so lucky.  Not too many people care more than Barb.
 It was about a 3 minute ride to "Polle's Legacy."
 Mustafa was the first to be unloaded.
 He was very alert as Dick walked him to the barn...but such a good boy.

 The stall was all set up with hay and fresh water.  Deep with soft bedding.

Grace was very impatient while she waited for her turn.
But she'll get used to things quickly.  Such a kind girl
 And I thought Mustafa was big!

 She went straight for the hay.

 Dick was very happy for these two ponies and greatly appreciated their new retirement home.

 I'd say Barb was pretty happy....it would not surprise me if she slept in the barn tonight!

 Two gorgeous horses with an owner that will give them the moon.


  1. Really very beautiful horses. Nice to see that they are well loved and taken care of.

  2. They are both beauties and its always wonderful when horses get to live out their lives with someone like Barb (or you). I love the last video clip - the look on Mustafa's face after the playful nip is worth a million bucks.

  3. Beautiful horses, and a beautiful story. That's my wish for all horses.

  4. How lucky for the horses and how lucky for Barb! Someday (hopefully sooner rather than later) we hope to have a set up like that for a pony or two. We have so much work to do before we would ever reach that point, but having a backhoe to reshape the land is a good start! Best wishes to Barb!!

  5. So happy for Barb, Your Grace, and King Mustafa.

    Sounds like this could be a lovely book. Maybe Daniela would write the story..."and they all lived happily ever after."

  6. Beautiful pics of beautiful horses and the music, too Wow!! ---Sara

  7. OhmyGOSH--priceless, esp. those final pics of Belle and Grace nose-to-nose. There's a card for you, Lori.

  8. I've always loved Mustafa, and, Grace is just gorgeous. I'm so happy that they both will have such a good home with Barb. To be loved and cherished is what the both deserve, and will get.


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