Tuesday, January 31, 2012


 When the sun came up, there was still snow on the ground.

 The temperature was approaching the mid thirties by the time I went out to the barn.

 Jill was there right on time.

 Chester and Sidney were just getting to know each other.
 By 8:30, it was time for the girls to get naked.

 We finished chores in no time and I spent awhile on the driveway.  I don't know why I bothered, as it warmed up quickly and the little snow we got last night was disappearing.
 At 9 this morning, the fourth bird was ready to hatch.
 By 11 it appeared.  I'm calling this one "Aloha."  There may be two more on the way.

Class started at 1:30 with the Phoebe/Gucci treat ceremony.

 Time passed very quickly.
 So where did all the snow go?
 When I went out to do the evening chores, decided not to put blankets on the girls, as the temperature went up to 52 today and was supposed to stay near 50 all night.

 Goodnight ladies!

In the house and managed a quick shower before Jill and Ralph arrived for our special dinner.
 I made the salad.....mixed greens, onion,  kiwi, blueberries, craisins, dried appricots, toasted pecans and crumbly blue.
 Jill brought a cheezy/vegetable soup.  Potatoes, celery, carrots, peppers and tomatoes.  Outstanding!
 She also made the main course.  Mushroom Bourguignon!!!  Believe me, it tasted even better than it looked.  One of the best vegetarian dishes ever.

 I made a chocolate cream pie that was lined with sliced bananas and topped with fresh whipped cream.
 A great meal....with good friends.
Night all.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Around 11:00 last night, the flakes were big and came down steadily for hours.
 We got about 5" of snow (no biggie) so I went out at 6:45 and started shoveling.

 Gary joined me and we had the whole driveway done before Jill and Chester arrived.
 By then, the sunrise was beautiful.

 We flew through chores.

 In the house by 8:40.  The fourth bird is about to hatch and I'm hoping Cloudia can help me out with a name.  After all, who knows more about Hawaii?
 The dogs had a grooming appointment at 10.  When I got home, the solar energy was working on the snow.

 Sidney was absorbing as much as possible ... then came in for the day.

 There's no doubt about it...the weather today was a real upper.

 Picked Phoebe and Gucci up at 2.

 Sherri did a great job!

 and they smell so good.
 By then, it was getting overcast and the late afternoon was grey....again.
 Out for evening chores at 5:15.
 If it really hits 50 tomorrow, the girls will love being naked.
 You know you are out of ideas for dinner when it turns into grilled cheese and tomato soup.
But just wait until tomorrow night.  Jill and I are going all out to make a spectacular dinner for Gary and Ralph.  We think we can do as well as some of the restaurants we have visited...and will show you what I'm talkin' about.  A pretty interesting menu.
Night all.