Monday, June 20, 2016

Did You See The Moon Last Night?

 If you missed it, look out your window tonight.

 Another hot day.  Over 90 and no rain yet.
I took Phoebe to the Brockport Animal Hospital after chores to see what I should do next.
I'm afraid her licking has become a habit, and she has a spot on her front leg (like a wart that older dogs sometimes get) that I wanted to have checked out.  No more itchy pills and YES! I was allowed to give her a nice bath.  She has to be allergic to something on our property and seems fine 80% of the time.  This is such a goofy picture of her...waiting to see the Doc.
 The deer have already started eating our hostas, so I decided to put some wire up around the spinach to protect it.  Still have to hang some rags and then go do the same thing around the they are eating the leaves.
 I spent much of the afternoon working on my computer and then went to Wegmans, where I went crazy buying all kinds of good things.  We have been on a very healthy kick and it was time to get a big bowl of fruit back in the frig.
 Dinner was a fruit salad.
First I put down spinach (from our garden) and then I plopped on some cottage cheese.
Next, I added grapes, peaches, strawberries (from our garden), water melon, cantaloupe and topped it off with cashews.
 A piece of corn on the side, and that was that.  Perfect for a very hot night!
 After dinner I did some reading and
 Gary went out to work in the gardens.  He planted parsnips and more lettuce...
after that, I don't have a clue.
Right now I am sitting in front of a fan, ready to sign off.
No Agape and no swimming today....just wanted to stay inside and do quiet things.
Night all.


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Phoebe!! You are suppose to lick when the boss is not looking
Lily & Edward

Lady Fi said...

Great shot of the moon!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the "strawberry moon"! Perfect to pick strawberries by like the Native Americans did, hence the name. They say there won't be another one with the summer solstice til 2062 or something like that.

Poor Phoebe hope something works for her. Getting hot here now was 88 this morning.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Its warm out here too -- over 100F at work and in the 90s at home. Ugh.

Jo said...

Amazing that we can see the same moon on the opposite sides of the earth!

Michelle said...

The moon really was beautiful.