Friday, June 10, 2016

Doin' Whatever I Want....

 There's my girl...waiting for breakfast.

 It was cool when I went out to the barn, but by the time the stalls were finished the temperature was high enough for me to put masks on the girls.
 Last night, David came over and fixed the lawn tractor deck, as it was way off.
By 9am I was mowing.

 I had no desire to go to Agape so I blew it off.
More blossoms are appearing....

 Strawberries too.  I think I will make one of those fresh strawberry pies.  Pre bake the crust, insert fresh strawberries, chop some strawberries in a food processor, add sugar and cornstarch, cook down until nice and thick and pour over the fresh strawberries.  Put in frig.  Serve with whipped cream...the real stuff.
 This afternoon Phoebe and I took a ride over to Danny's in Holley to get the attachment that goes on a weed whacker (holds the string).  While I was there he was able to get it in good working order and we are now going to be able to start trimming the fence line.
Gary did the hand mowing when he got home, and I started cooking.
We have so many eggs it was a breakfast for dinner kind of night.

 And a baked omlet.

Fine with me....Gary too.
Today Karen became engaged to Mark.
I went out to the barn to take a picture of her beautiful ring and she left it home.
Congratulations are in order!  She is so happy!


Val Ewing said...

Wow so much fun at your place and good eats too. It is hot hot and hot and humid here. And congratulations to Karen!

Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

The food pics are too much for this pregnant girl :p all I want to do is eat! I wish you lived at my house so I could eat some of that good stuff :p

Jo said...

Hi Lori, your horses are always a delight to me. And the strawberry pie sounds delicious. Every Saturday night is a breakfast kind of night for me and Grant. We LOVE Omelettes or just plain scrambled egg on toast on this night. Yum. Have a great day. Jo