Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What Did I Do All Day ?

Chores first.
Good morning Berlin....

 I had a 10am eye appointment, which was very near Agape, so I worked out first.
 Got there at 8:45...record breaking.
20/20/3 (ran out of time)

My eye exam went well and I ordered new glasses for distance.  Kind of funky looking.
Had lunch when I got home and then started working on my computer.
One thing led to another and I was there for a couple of hours.

I took the night off from cooking (making salads) and we went down to the Stoneyard for dinner.
 Afterward we headed to the Town Park as Coop and Finn both had games. 
 I attempted to go between the two fields.
 The only pictures I got were of Coop pitching....
(He looks like the real deal, doesn't he?)

and hitting.

The evening sky was pretty dramatic. 

 Even more so by the time we got back to the farm.

 I took Berlin's hay cubes out to the barn just before it started to get dark.

 Gary has finished 90% of the back flower garden and it looks terrific.
If we could just get some rain!

That's it for me.
Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Coop has great form. Nice pitching. I know this because I spent many years on little league fields with my son and husband who was the coach.

Beautiful skies. Very dramatic. We could use some rain too.