Saturday, June 11, 2016

Let's See....

A very busy day.

Yesterday the weatherman said there was a remote chance of tornadoes in Western New York for today.  When I went out to the barn this morning it was grey, quiet and the air was very dead.  It felt like we were going to be in for some weather.

 The temperature kept going up and it was raining by 10am.
 I left for Scottsville at that time to participate in a fund raising meeting.
It was held at a magnificent property, full of gardens, manicured lawns and a beautiful home.
 Here I go again!  At least it is for someone else who is running for office...not me.
 Elliott was on the scene at our farm, helping Gary with the gardens for the forth Saturday in a row.  I told them I would go to Ralph and Rosie's in Bergen (on my way home) to pick up some pizza for lunch. Wouldn't you know there was a huge celebration going on in the park and I had to take a detour.  When I got back to the main part of the village, there were a bunch of kids on horses going down the middle of the street....paying absolutely no attention to the cars, which were traveling in both directions.  Very lucky that no one got hurt.

 Shortly after I got home, the vet arrived to give the girls their spring shots.
Abbe is in deep tapioca, as she is too FAT!

 I decided I had better use the strawberries that were picked yesterday and had enough for a pie.
 First I baked the shell and let it cool.
Then, I added 2/3 of the fresh strawberries.
 I put the other third in a pot, mashed them,  and added 1 cup of sugar.
Then, I mixed three tablespoons of corn starch with 3/4 cup of water and poured it over the crushed berries.  Cooked it down until it was nice and thick (8-10 minutes...kept stirring).
 Dumped it on top of the berries and put it in the frig to set.
 Gary drove to the Buffalo Airport to pick up Jen and I went to Wegmans.

Bought a few things and went over to Jen's to let the dogs out.
As soon as I got home, I made some bean salad.
 After that, it was chore time.
Tucked the girls in by 7.  It was very hot and muggy.

 (Gary built a frame for the cucumbers to grow up....there are wires between the wooden strips, made from those metal baskets you put around tomato plants.  
They are opened up and make a nice flat grid)
 Gary and Jen stopped here before she went home, for a nice piece of pie.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

The pie looks delicious! Can't believe those kids were riding down the road like that, very dangerous.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

A delicious pie and Wegmans and friends, does it get any better than that? :-)