Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Triple....

Busy, busy and busy.

 We had rain off and on today.  After chores I went in the house and did laundry, looked up some music for my ukulele and played for awhile.  
 Totally forgot about the Northampton Show until 12:15!  And it started at 8!!!!  
I changed my clothes and got there around 12:45....could not pass up taking photos as I have done it for many years.  Naturally, it rained most of the time.

Timed Obstacles.

I was late getting to the Sunday Jam, and it was really a good session.
There must have been at least 10 of us playing.

Went back to the farm for a couple of hours, then we were off to the Morgan Manning House for the "Step Up Donor's Reception."

The house and grounds looked beautiful.

 "Thanks to the generosity of members and organizations of the community,"  restoration activity was able to take place.  Can you see that white thing in the top of the is called a belvedere, and it and the stairway to the attic were brought back to life.
There were well over 100 people being thanked for their generous donations.
Our friend Jo Matela, owner of the Red Bird Cafe, catered the affair and produced quite a spread.

 Gary and Jack took an hour shift serving wine.
 Carol and Topper were there.

 As we were leaving, the sun started to set.
This is the carriage house that is also on this property.
Many of us would love to live there!

Time to rest.  I need to start a new book.
Night all.

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