Saturday, June 18, 2016


Yet another beautiful morning.

 I decided to mow the lawn as it supposed to get even hotter tomorrow...
Gary worked on the gardens inside the picket fence.

 We took the afternoon off and went to Medina, as we were given a gift certificate to be used at Zambistro.  Gary helped our friend Judy with mulching and moving things around in her gardens and she gave him this in return.  
Medina is about 35 minutes from Brockport and is also located on the Erie Canal.
 I really love the architecture on the Main drag.
The street is SO wide compared to Brockport's.

 Zambistro is just a little hole in the wall, but wow!  They really know what they are doing and have an outstanding menu.
 The interior is very simple, but inviting.

 We sat in a very nice white leather booth.
They served dinners at anytime of the day, so decided to go that route.
Father's Day early.
Gary started off with clam soup for me.
 He also had a nice glass of red wine.
 The salads were delicious...a strawberry vinaigrette dressing.
 Even the bread was outstanding.
 I ordered a delmonico steak which came with a side of asparagus.
I can't tell you the last year I had a steak!
 Gary had a filet served on a crushed potato, topped with spinach and a warm bacon dressing.
Now let me tell you about the potato!!!!  It was the most spectacular find of the day.
They boil a Yukon Gold (I think that's what we were told) with the skin on, until it is almost done.  Then they smash it and top it with gorganzola cheese and bacon.  Next they put it in a very hot saute pan with butter and crisp up the skin.  Unbelievable!!!!
 My steak came with sweet potato fries (which were great)....but
if I knew then what I know now!!! I would have gone for the crushed potato.
 We left a little after 2...
 (we had parked the car in front of a very nice art studio...great sign).
 and drove down by the Canal.  What a spectacular setting for boaters.
 There were two murals on buildings.

 On the way home we stopped at park in Barre Center, as Finn was playing in a tournament.
It started yesterday, and when he was pitching he hurt his shoulder.  No action today.
 Tomorrow it will be in the 90s and they have another game!
I doubt if he will be able to play.

 At least there was a breeze.
 When we got home, Gary read the paper and got back to work in the gardens.
 I spent two hours working on the grand reopening of The Center,
then went out to do chores.

 My last job for the day was to finish mowing the lawn.
Now, I just want to read.
Night all!


ellen said...

Every day I look forward to your post. It is a relaxing and peaceful end to the day-all the elements od life- family, friends, pets, food and of course adventure.
Thanks for sharing, Sincerely ellen from medina

Grey Horse Matters said...

A busy day but you got a lot accomplished. I'd opt for the crushed potato too, sounds great. Happy Fathers Day to Gary. Enjoy the day!

Val Ewing said...

Busy day and the garden looks amazing. I worked on my shade garden some yesterday. It was too warm to be in the sun!
Tonight I have more work to do in the veggie garden!