Thursday, June 18, 2009


It rained from late afternoon yesterday until sunrise, then it started again.
I put the horses in the highest and driest pasture so they would not mess it up.
Last night I had to open up a channel so the water would go away from the barn.

I created a little wall with the old hay, so it would stay where it was supposed to.

Went from the paddock to outdoor arena.
Which is now partially flooded again.  It makes those weeds grow and now I will have to drag the heck out of it to get rid of them.
Everywhere you look it is very green.
Some of our strawberry plants are up to my knees...never saw this before.
The berries are big and juicy too.

The onions have taken off.

And our tomato plants (90 or more) have taken hold.

The garlic has scapes now.  A friend came up to get some for her dinner tonight.  Many Che Che restaurants use them as a garnish with their fancy dinners.

We have been eating these everyday for the past week.
The iris are finished, and the lillies are starting to bloom.
This weedy vine wants to cover our front porch...I kind of like it.
Before lunch, I drove down to the DMV to turn in the license plate from my trailer.  It was pouring out and I had to stop at the lift bridge so a boat could pass under.  After I got there
I found out I didn't have to turn it in.

The corn the kids planted has started to shoot up.  They had a chance to look at it tonight.

We have two long rows.  Tonight we have Finn, Cooper, Ice and Buster Brown while Jenny and Kevin go to a concert and out to a birthday/anniversary dinner in Rochester.

We had Chicken Helene, lomain, peas and (ahaHHHH)a spinach salad.

Finn and Coop had cookies left over from last night's plant casting.
Let me tell you....4 dogs is a LOT....especially when one is still a puppy.  Buster crawled under the porch behind the kitchen and could not figure out how to get back to where he went in.

I think Coop was a little tired.

Grampa took them outside, even tho it was spitting a light rain, and they pushed wheel barrows for fun...over to the pool house/cabin/studio, where they played in some of the leftover sand.

Here's Buster!  

Poor Ice must get pooped playing with this puppy.

I know that Gucci got tired.

The kids played a little sequence, took a shower and watched "Flipper."  They are now ready to have their Mom and Dad take them home.

It's raining again, so I am going out to put the horses in the barn.  Night all.....


Mary Ellen said...

I woke this morning to POURING rain. The kind that taxes my roof and gutters and nerves.

You really seem to be having more fun - and more motivation - in the rain than I am. What's your secret?

Stephanie - Siouxzeegirl Designs said...

Raining here in Chicago too... non-stop!
By the way... I can almost smell the sweet tanginess of those strawberries from the pictures! Made my mouth water!

Unknown said...

Hi, Lori and Gary. Your strawberry plants look very healthy - and the berres look delicious. You are very lucky to have your grandsons living so near to you.
Regards, Mike and Ann (also Nea and girls)

Gayle said...

I am going to have to figure out how to get my things to grow as fast and as big as your plants. Just lovely!! I think my soil needs more fertilization...I am working on a compost pile now so maybe next summer will be better. Plus I just don't get everything watered enough. I am not getting any rain this summer...the clouds seems to skirt around my house so I'm having a hard time keeping up with the hose. I'm really a beginner gardener so I'm sure I'll figure it out sooner or later.