Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It was a very grey morning with a good breeze.  I did not even put the horse's masks on as rain was expected.
Gary had a Doctor's appointment to have his foot checked out, and met Carol, Topper and me at the Garland for lunch.
We always have such a good time and great conversation.  Could not ask for better friends.  

This restaurant has built up quite a clientele over the years.  A good menu and generous portions.
Much of the day was spent cleaning out the pool house (now studio/cabin) so Gary's Garden Club could use the space at 6pm for Plant Casting.  We dumped the rug and got rid of all the pool related items.
It has never been this empty....
It started raining in the afternoon, and I noticed that all the horses were facing the same direction in the pasture.  Interesting how they position themselves.
Then it was time for me to work Abbe.  Did not get one great photo, but here she is.  I'm trying to get her to be good from the get go and today we just about made it.  Got to work right away with the line driving and she was nice and quiet.
By 5:30 people started to arrive and the process began....
Several brought leaves with them and we had quite a stack.  Fortunately they brought two more tables so everyone could have a spot (10 people).
One of the Club members led the workshop, and she is a real pro.  Very organized in every way.
First, a pile of sand was dumped on the table.
Of course there were refreshments....
Then water was added until the consistency was just right.
The thickness of the form was based on the size of the leaf you were using and depended on what you were making.  For example, a bird bath would have to be thicker so it would be deep enough to hold water.
They look like gigantic peanut butter cookies to me...

Here is the example....

They covered the sand with saran wrap...then set the leaf on top of it.
Then, the leaves were sprayed with canola oil and covered with a cement mixture.
Little bits of metal from cut up hangers were used as reinforcement in the cement.  At the end, they were covered with plastic, and will stay on the tables until this coming Monday when they should be dry.

Here are a couple of finished examples.

I kidnapped one of the leftover leaves.  In the meantime, it never stopped pouring and I had to go put the horses in.  Of course I got soaked, and had to clear a ditch next to the shed roof to keep the water going in the right direction.
Seeing that we went out to lunch, I made a light dinner.  Marinated asparagus, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, Greek olives and cheddar cheese.
I also made a fruit cup...

Finished it off with a couple pieces of whole grain toast. 

Now it is almost midnight and David Letterman is on.  Have to get in a little couch time. 
Night all.


Anonymous said...

Those leaf-sculptures are really beautiful.
The salads look so yummy.

Stephanie - Siouxzeegirl Designs said...

what a cool project with the leaves! The finished examples look beautiful.

Virginia said...

I want to make those leaf THINGS! hA
I 'm also hungry looking at that fine lunch. BTW, we call those leaves HOSTA in Bama? You too?
Thanks for stopping by my Paris blog. It's a feast for the eyes and camera for certain.

Michaela said...

LOVE your header photo!!!

Gayle said...

The leaf casts are great. You two are involved in so many different things and know so many people. What a lot of fun gatherings you have. I beginning to think the people of Alaska are a bit more of the loner types.