Friday, June 12, 2009


Better late than never.  Here are some shots I took this afternoon at our farm.  The clouds were beautiful.

See beautiful skies from around the world by going to:


Unknown said...

Dramatic skies, Lori. The top two pictures reminded me of summer in the Norfolk Fens,in Eastern England, where I grew up. Beautiful. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Beautiful skies, Lori. The top two pictures remind me of summer in the Norfolk Fens in Eastern England where I grew up. Lovely shots, thank you. Mike.

Canarybird said...

Lori you have a beautiful and interesting blog and life! I enjoyed reading a little about you, your horses and family. I will be back again to read more. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Regards, Sharon.

Lynn said...

Great pictures. The last two are my favorites. Interesting clouds. I like all the farm and scenery photos on your blog too.