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Friday, February 3, 2023

Thar She Blows....

Starting with last night at 11.

Once again, I am in awe of the photos taken with my iPhone in the dark.
Gary and I took hot water out to the barn to make sure the horse's water buckets were not frozen....and they weren't!  We topped them off anyway.  

I gave them some carrots....

So surprised that the temperature was 29 in the barn.  By then, the wind had really kicked up.
This morning the temperature outside was 7 and the wind chill was -13.  It was a lot colder than that tonight.
The horses were out for over an hour while we cleaned the stalls and set them up again.

They were more than happy to go back in their stalls for the day.

More hot water.

The cats were very happy to enjoy the warmth of the house.

Gary and Little Wonder took a nap....
and I made some gingerbread cupcakes.

At 2:30 I had an appointment with a chiropractor....have not been to one for way over a decade.
I loved the fish tank he had in the reception area.
Hopefully he can get my screwed up old body into a better place.
It was blowing a lot on my way home.

Janet arrived around 4:15 and once again the ponies were turned out.  Before they came back in, they spent some time in the indoor eating hay while we got the stalls cleaned and reset.

As you can see, they were very interested in getting back in their stalls.
Tonight it's only 10 degrees inside the barn.
Comfort food for dinner.
Roasted potatoes, corn salad and sloppy Joes.

Night all.  I really need some sleep.



Sue said...

You always take such good care of your animals. Especially tough in the weather conditions you have now.

Val Ewing said...


We got up to -5 yesterday but didn't have harsh winds.
Stay warm!

Sandra said...

My barn stays warmer because there are so many bodies in there! If we send you our weather you are going to warm up. We will be around 30 today. Those roasted potatoes look fantastic!