Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Up early...Gary busy with chores and finishing the upstairs cleaning.  What a trooper.
It was back to the studio for class today.

 It looked spectacular after Judy's cleaning yesterday.
 (This is Judy...could I have a more generous friend?)
 Five students today....all busy.

 At 11:30 I left class for a minute to take one of my pain pills.  Had Physical Therapy at 12:30 and wanted to be as comfortable as possible.  The weights on my legs went up a pound,  I went up and down the 15 stairs to our second floor, walked outside to the garden to get some spinach for Don and upped my number for bending to 95 without tears.  Doing my homework is paying off.  
My last session with him and I really appreciate what he has done to get me going in the right direction.  Agape on Friday.

Was feeling pretty good and decided to take a nap in our bedroom.  Very muggy outside and cool in there.  Had a nice surprise (flowers) from Terry C.  who came up for a meeting with Gary.

 When I got out of bed from my nap I had emotional meltdown.  Why?  Who knows?  These pills really do a number on me and I can't wait to be free of them.

Gary made us dinner and I made a comeback.  Worked on cleaning up the back porch.
Even ran the vacuum.  I'm using my cane most of the time now and can walk short distances without it.  Progress.
 Gary did chores.  He left the stalls closed today and will just open them at night.  The volume of pee has been outrageous and we figured they could mess up the run-in instead.
 It rained off and on today and the sun came out early evening.
 Nice light.
Poor Gary cleaned out his van, did the dishes and is taking a nap.  At 1am he has to be at the Buffalo Airport to pick up our granddaughters (Ariana and Daniela, who will be my blog stars for a month).
Hopefully he can return to his old life shortly.  I'm getting closer to doing chores.
Night all.


  1. You're getting better every day and making great progress. Lovely pictures your friends/students are working on. They are all very talented. Enjoy the grandchildren!

  2. Hang in Gary, all will be normal soon, or later. Good news Lori, that you are back in the studio, it looked so good, and lovely art works by all. Cheers from Jean

  3. 1 am to the airport? Poor Gary! What a great grandpa he is.

  4. As someone else said, looks like you are getting better every day. I understand the emotional meltdown. It's not just the meds. Pain and the physical limitations it places on a person are a very emotional thing to go through. I know breaking my collarbone and wrist made me feel so vulnerable but fortunately, things got better.

  5. Your Gary is quite the amazing person and don't worry I am sure her loves it.
    I love your pics and yes your friend is gorgeous. I wish I lived closer to get i on those classes. I cannot paint but have always wanted to learn. You never know I may be good at it:)
    Take care my friend. B

  6. I am exhausted just by reading your day's journal. Whew... I'd melt down, too!
    Planes come into the airport at 1 AM... or was that a misprint?

  7. The studio is such a nice space. I wouldn't mind having a studio sewing space to get away from the house!

  8. Gary is a trooper, and you are too! Therapy is hard work! You deserve a meltdown.

  9. It must be so frustrating to not be able to jump up and run around like you used to - but you'll get there. I understand the meltdown. Completely. xxxx


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