Friday, January 11, 2019

Here There and Everywhere...

 It's a darn good thing we had some sunshine, as the temperature was 10 degrees
when I went out to the barn.

 I put the dogs in the house before I cleaned the stalls as it was just too cold.
They had a brief potty break when I finished.

 At 11:30 Judy arrived and we headed in to Rochester for a birthday lunch.
We picked up Jenny before going to the Winfield Grill (gift certificate).
It was so packed, the wait was 40 minutes and we passed.
Instead we went to Blades.
Trying a new place is always an adventure.

The menu was great and so was the food.
Too bad I forgot to take photos....we were starving.

 We had Open Faced Chicken Salad, Fries, Philly Cheese Steak, 
Burger with Onion Straws +, Salad and Tomato/Red Pepper Soup.
There was a lot of sharing going on.
 We left there around 1:30.
 Meanwhile back at the ranch....

 I set up my mic and practiced a little music...
Sidney discovered my ukulele bag and settled in.

Listening to yourself is pretty scary.

 At 6:15 we drove over to the Gust of Sun Winery for a fundraiser sponsored by the Clarkson Dems.   Lou Alano was performing and invited us to join them for a listen.
He had written all of the songs he played and they were very special to many of us, as some were about his life in Brockport starting in the 60s.
We knew what he was singing about.
His stories leading up to why he wrote the songs were outstanding
and he was a very accomplished musician.
Keyboard and guitar.

There were a gazillion appetizers available and that took care of dinner.
 Lou's mother (91 years old wearing the hat)
and other friends and family members were there along with many from our community.
He always opens with a song he wrote for his mom.

This man was there as one of the sponsors.
He and his wife run an organic farm in Oakfield.
He looked very familiar.
In this photograph on his wife's phone he is wearing a T-Shirt
from one of Gary's Western New York Garlic Harvest Festivals.
Pretty crazy....over 2 decades ago!
 Anyway, we had quite a day.

Night all.

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Nancy J said...

Wonderful to hear you play and sing, such a soft accent to me down here. I could listen to lots more like that. What a grand evening.