Sunday, January 20, 2019

6:39pm - 19,371 Steps

This morning I was outside from 7:15-11:30.
So many extras when the weather is like this.
8 degrees not factoring in the wind.
All this because I love horses....
 You have to go through the front paddock to get to the barn.
Karen was here by 7am and started shoveling.
There was a huge drift going up to the barn by the water trough so we did that first.
The wind left one small area without deep snow so we cleaned out that
and had to remove all the snow under the shed roof and over to the indoor.
A back breaker when it is that deep.
Gary started shoveling and Karen started the snow blower so he ended up using it.
Pretty deep, but not heavy.

 Little Wonder and Phoebe were out wearing their red coats but went back in the house.  Around 10 they asked Gary to go outside and they ran to the paddock to find me....naked.  (Ha Ha!  My friend Annette, from California, read this and thought I meant that the dogs found ME naked...they were naked!)

 I called Rebel and the girls to come in around 1:15 as the wind kicked up
and it was getting colder.  Of course they were way back in the pasture again.

 As cold as it was, they were not that interested to go in to enjoy some hay.

 After lunch I took a break.  So did my buddies.

 At 4:30 I went out to do evening chores and put the ponies out for a stretch while I picked their stalls and set up dinner.
 By then it was blowing, snowing and bitter.
 Did they care?
 I had to beg them to come in.

 Comfort food for dinner.
Sloppy Joes, Corn and Coleslaw.
I've had it.
Night all.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

Laughing at your sentence about the dogs running into the barn (this is how I read it) to find YOU naked... LOL. I had to read it a couple times before I realized that the dogs were naked. 😂😂

Val Ewing said...

Nekked! LOL, my stepdaughter just bought a jacket for Charlie, she thought he should have one.
It will be bitter cold here too, but dang ... stay warm!
We are looking for a snow storm to start soon. I made arrangements to be able to stay home and not go anywhere for a bit.