Sunday, September 11, 2016

Remembering 9-11-2001

 Every year on this day I think about what I was doing when New York City turned into an inferno.  I had just turned into the driveway at Glen Darach Farm and my radio was on.  Really did not think it was true and only believed it when I got home and turned on the television.  I'm sure all of you know exactly what you were doing too.

This morning coolness prevailed.  It was quiet and refreshing.

 All of a sudden my ambition returned and I got rid of a major load of nettles and burdocks.
 Karen picked the pastures and worked on the manure pile as her horses tuned in.

 This photo clearly shows the speed of Little Wonder.  We were ready to go back to the house.
 After chores he and Phoebe hung out inside the fence.

 Look at those eyes....he was either sad or ticked that he could not be out in the big yard with me.
 See how different he looked when he got out there....

 Judy stopped up for a basket of tomatoes and of course LW had to spend some time with her.
After all, she held him the whole way to the farm on the day 
we picked him up from his foster mom's.
 Gary was well enough to take his shift at the Welcome Center, and I went to the Sunday Jam.
 Once again we had a large group and it turned into a great session.

My friend Paul K. and his son Henry joined us for the first time and I think they had a great time.
 At 3, Jenny stopped in and we went over to The Red Bird to attend a fundraiser for
Matt Nafus, who is hoping to be elected as a Monroe County Judge.
Who was in front of the store?  Non other than George wonder he was not at the jam.

As usual, Red Bird owner...Jo Matela...put on quite a spread.
 Below....Mary Rich (Town Board), Matt Nafus (Candidate, County Court Judge), Jen Skoog (Chief of Staff for Harry Bronson, State Assemblymember),  Annie Crane (Village Board) and me (Town Board).

 From there, Mary and I went over to the 9-11 ceremony at Capen Hose

 The bronze sculpture below was created by local artist Richard Kron and is a permanent reminder of this day.

 I crashed when I got home and went out to do chores at 7.

 By the time the girls were tucked in it was getting dark.

 We had a very simple, but delicious dinner.
Mixed greens topped with a big tomato, bean salad and croutons...
 and veggie cheeseburgers topped with peppers and onions on whole wheat Syrian bread.
Now it's time for a break.
Night all.


PKBrandon said...

It's hard to believe it's been 15 years since that awful day - sure doesn't seem like it.

Little Wonder is so cute and I'm glad you have him. Another of my fosters went to her forever home yesterday and I miss her, but know she's in a great place.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Phoebe what is little squirt up to, BOL. Remember 9/11 like it was yesterday
Lily & Edward

Auntie Reg said...

Tell me what me what was on the menu for the fundraiser. I am getting ready to prepare food for out Assoc. fundraiser.