Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well, the weatherman was right....it started to snow last night and right now it is still snowing (9:30pm).  

I had chorus this morning, to be followed by a pot luck lunch and a viewing of the movie "Young at Heart."  It is about a chorus from Northampton, Mass. that has existed for over 25 years.  It is directed by a man from our area (Brighton).  The average age is 80!  And in this documentary, they perform all rock songs.  The premier of this movie was actually held at the Little Theater in Rochester and we attended.  This group has performed all over the world to packed houses and is quite an inspiration.  As you can see, the roads were not in great shape and it was only 10am.  After a good rehearsal, we pigged out on lunch and watched the movie...the visibility during the ride home was still bad.

Tonight the wind is causing the snow to stick to the windows in the kitchen.

We are back to lots of it....

and it keeps swirling under the lights.

I don't know how it has been where you live, but this has been one miserable winter in Brockport.  Long, extra cold and just plain nasty.  Let's hope it stops snowing so Gary's plane can land in Buffalo tomorrow.


  1. This morning it was -22 at my house and -31 in town! (It's up to -18 in town now...11:24pm). The shot of the swirling snow is great! They predict a great summer after this horrible winter. Let's hope!

  2. Oh my, that is a whole lot of snow! Hope for some warmer weather coming your way - and SOON!
    How's Miss Phoebe doing this morning?
    Sheba sends her greetings!


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