“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” — Elliott Erwitt


Sunday, January 4, 2009


This picture goes out to Cherie, who posted one from 39 years ago on her blog.  It's me on Lady...and you don't want to know how long ago this was.  She belonged to a friend who really got me into horses at a young age.  Lady lowered her head and we would straddle her neck so when she lifted it, we could slide down to her back.  Obviously we would do this bareback, which was the way I rode 95% of the time.  I really believe I had a "Huckleberry Finn" life when I was a child.  I never got a horse until I was 37 and am still obsessed.

I just got this photo of Merri and Stormy from The Equestrian Vagabond.  There won't be too many like this one!

My inspiration came from this photo of Victoria Cummings with her girls Siete and Silk.  You can find her at Teachings of the Horse.

To all you good sports out there...thanks for letting me catch a glimpse of who I have been reading.  Here I am with my girl Abbe.  Don't you just love her white eyes?  By the way...some of these people just happen to have posted a photo in the past few days...they are not necessarily sending them to me....but do have blogs worth checking out...

Cherie from Baba Yaga's Mirror with her Red Horse.  

Tamara and her endurance horse Aaruba at The Barb Wire...

SJ and his best pal at Spartacus Jones...

I would love to meet more of you....


  1. Hi there Lori,
    good to see you here in the new year!
    I actually forgot my camera today...would have been a goodie shot of us too...all decked out in out winter garb! We hit the cold and snowy trails alone again...perfect footing too..not quite frozen and not all thawed and slick. Perfect!
    See you soon~ KK

  2. I LOOOVE that pic of you!
    I will try to find the one I have the first time I sat in a saddle on my issy foirst horse "Bunny"...I have that saddle now too..it is the one in my latest post. 44 years old!

  3. Great photographs of your friends, Lori.

    And I love that one of you with the white-eyed Abbe. And you on your Lady--that is just too precious. I see you were a horse lover early on.

  4. Lori,
    That first picture is just TOO CUTE!!! I absolutely love it! I would have died to have a horse as special as that - I'm glad you did! Also glad you got yourself a horse later on in life - once you're into them, it's hard to do without, right? ;-)

    Warm greetings from the Ishtar clan!

  5. Everyone...thanks for these great comments. Lady was not my pony, she belonged to my friend Sandy. I was very lucky to ride her often when I was a kid and did not own a horse until I was 37. Please check out the sites of the people in these posts....there are so many more great pictures.

  6. I love these posts. Sorry I have no pony pics o' mine own!

  7. Nice pictures. It gives a face to the bloggers.
    I think I have no picture of me with a horse. I always take them alone or my mother makes a movie for I see my defaults. But I cannot publish a movie without the other riders memebers authorization.
    See you soon


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