Friday, January 2, 2009


Hot tip number 1.....If you are ever in a position to build a barn or even a run in, I would highly recommend adding on a shed roof.  This one is 12 x 60 and it is one of the best things we have ever done.  If it is hot, or raining, snowing or windy...I can feed the horses here.  I keep it raked each day and it has been a major asset.

Whenever I go over to the grooming room (in another barn) Abbe comes over to see if we are going to do some work.  Starting in February, I have to begin free lounging and line driving to get her in shape for April 1st when she goes out for some training.  I so hope I will be driving her this summer.  All the horses have been on an extended vacation.

Several of the blogging horse owners out there have written about the experiences they have had taking care of their own animals.  I have to fess up...I spend a lot more time taking care of them than I do riding....And ya know what?  I still love it.  There is something so special about having the lights on in the barn for evening chores...all the stalls are clean and fluffy, the hay and water are set...all I have to do is get the grain ready and I can let the horses in.  Here, the barn is in the middle of my paddocks and pastures.  When everything is all set up, I whistle (if they are not in the front paddock) or just open the front door and they all walk into their own stalls.  I have never had to touch them.  They don't wear halters and know right where to go.

This is my boy, PC.  Can you see how his front right knee is blown up?  He will be 30 in the spring and still gets around very well.  The farrier is careful when he does that foot, so he is not too uncomfortable.

Hot tip number 2.  If you have a hot water heater in your trough, (I turn mine off at night) cover it with a piece of plywood at night and keep it half open during the day when the heater is on, so it doesn't have to work so hard.  I run my cord through a piece of plastic piping that goes into the barn.

I had to do a couple of errands today, so Miss Phoebe came along for the ride...

She loves to go in the car and looks out the window...

... very good about waiting for me in the car...curls up on her little sheepskin blanket in the front seat and takes a nap.

This afternoon Jenny, Coop, Finn and Ice came up to the farm.  Jen wanted to use my computer to put some music on CDs for herself, moi, and some friends.  Dancin' music.  When our girls were little, every night after dinner Gary would do the dishes and Steph, Jen and I would dance.
All of our grandkids are great dancers too.  There's no standing still when the music is playing.
I will have to put some examples on my Playlist.

When Grampa got home, he turned into an elephant and gave the boys rides.

Ice just wanted to quietly observe...

Out came the yoga mat, and they were ready to do some "exercises."

By 4:30, it started to snow....huge, fluffy flakes.

Seeing that my butt was next to the fire, it took all I had to get up and go outside.  Fortunately it was still 30 degrees and chores went smoothly.

We ALL went outside...to the barn, the outdoor arena, and anywhere the kids could find the deepest snow.  Jen helped me with the horses while Gary, the kids and both dogs ran around.
A great time was had...and tomorrow they will be back so we can have dinner together (Finn and Grampa are going to watch a football game at 4:30).  Toodles........


  1. Listen to you rockin - what's that? The Full Monty soundtrack? Way to stay warm!

  2. I love barns with the overhangs and the water heater covering is a good idea too. Your horses are really cute. And so is your dog.
    Looks like the kids had fun.

  3. Tonight I had a faint sense of something missing. Thought about it and realized I hadn't visited Skoog's Farm for awhile. What a great post. There are nights I don't ride, fetching, feeding, and grooming takes all my energy. Still love every minute with my sweeties. What darlings you have - horses, kids, and doggie.


  4. Yea..I dream of being able to do some of those great ideas sometime when I have a place of my own! I did buy a lottery ticket(don't tel my husband!)

  5. I think those boys are very lucky to have such cool grandparents! :)

  6. I know I always say this, Lori, but though your days are filled with so many chores that can never be neglected, it just feels like a wonderful, fulfilling way to spend them.

    I love this post and the pictures.....oh, and the music, too!

  7. I know I always say this, Lori, but though your days are filled with so many chores that can never be neglected, it just feels like a wonderful, fulfilling way to spend them.

    I love this post and the pictures.....oh, and the music, too!

  8. this was great! Feels like I spent the day with you. Lori, I wish you would do some local signage, that would be great! Particularly old ones.

  9. Everyone...I'm sure you wonder what a Nanna is doing with this music on her blog. It has a very special meaning to our family for a couple of reasons.... Believe it or not, when Stephanie got married in New York, they had their reception at The Terrace on the Park....a Croatian band and a DJ. When the bride and groom, wedding party, and Moms and Dads were introduced....they played that first song...Rock and Roll Part 2. We made quite an entrance. The second reason....the grandkids love to dance to it! So do we.
    Yes...we are a little crazy out here on the Farm. Thanks for all the comments.

  10. Oooh!
    HOT TIP #2 is great!
    YOur family, your horses, and your home all look so warma nd inviting.
    Happy New Year,


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