Sunday, January 25, 2009


No new snow, and a beautiful sunrise...I hope the no snow part continues.

Before I went out to do chores, I brought Bermuda in the house.  I am determined to get him used to being in here.  Phoebe was very nice to him when they were nose to nose.

Very cold, but the sun was there to make it warmer for the horses.

This is Randy...he owns Joe.  Every Sunday he comes up to throw down hay, pick paddocks and groom his horse.  Those are apples in that bag.

My friend Judy (visiting from Florida) and I went to lunch at Java Junction (where I had my favorite Greek Panini) and then walked over to the Strand movie theater where we saw the Clint Eastwood movie, Gran Torino.  It was very good...lots of foul language, but quite a story.

This theater is one of the historical landmarks in Brockport.  The outside is very art deco.  I tried to get a photo of this antique projector, but what I really got was a lot of reflection.  Can you see Main Street?

We did not buy any popcorn, but this whole scene is so retro.

Tonight Justine is doing chores.  After I tuck the horses in, I am going to get in front of this fire and attempt to watch the rest of the videos I picked up yesterday.  Got through one and fell asleep during the second...have no idea as to what it was about.

The sun was just as beautiful before sunset as it was this morning.  Hope you and your critters are all tucked in (if you are in this snow country).


  1. Beautiful sunrise and sunset, and lovely story in between! Yes, our critters are tucked in. Daisy is still in the barn with the birds...she really doesn't need the warmth, but more the companionship. Hopefully, this spring we will be able to purchase a companion for her and keep them seperate next winter. Sheep and birds are a bad combination (wool and poo). :( She does seem much happier with them close though. The fire looks so cozy! I hope you made it thorough your movie!

  2. Beautiful sunrise/sunset pictures. I'm with you hope we don't get any snow for a while yet (or forever more) for that matter.

  3. We went to the movies too this weekend in a old-fashioned retro place. They had an old projector standing there that I found facinating, but I didn't think to take a photo of it. I will next time. I went with an American friend and we saw a film by Mike Leigh called "Happy Go Lucky". We enjoyed it.


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