Saturday, October 25, 2014

Time Out....

I'm off duty for a minute....what a busy day.

 Gary loaded my bike in the back of my car and after chores I went down to the Welcome Center to go on a bike tour.  The Walk! Bike! Brockport group got a huge grant to be used for planning walking and biking trails.  Today they had a guest join them who is helping decide what will actually be needed and I went along for part of the "ride."

 First we rode to the east on the canal....past The Center.

 We checked out the accessibility to two 55 and over living areas that back up to the Canal to see what would be needed to create easy entrance.  Just as we stopped at McCormick Place a runner came up the stairs.  No chance to get there by bike.

 At Sunflower Landing there was a perfectly groomed trail that led to the development.  Two big rocks were placed at the entrance to prevent 4 wheelers and snow mobiles from going on the property.

 We continued back toward the village...
 and entered McCormick Place from East Avenue.
 The other four riders continued their tour and I headed back to The Center....
 Today 15 students from the college met us to work on the landscaping.
 Lot's of pruning....
 Kathy Kepler, owner of Sara's Garden Center, stopped by and checked out all the plantings.  She had many suggestions and it will take us a long time to get everything done.
 Most of our time was spent in the garden near the entrance to the building.
 The students voluntarily put in a lot of time performing community service and we were very lucky to work with them.  I think they will be back.

 (Mary Lynne, Gary and Hanny)

 And this is only part of the tools that were needed....
 By the time we were finished, it was transformed.  Iris were transplanted and dozens of tulip bulbs (donated by Sara's) were put in the ground.  There used to be a lot of daffodils and I expect they will show up in the spring.
 The entire garden was edged and we discovered a walk to the flag pole under the dirt.
We are going to establish a garden committee to maintain all the plantings on a regular basis.
 Gary, Hanny, Mary Lynne and I went over to Java for lunch....Greek paninis all around.
 Crashed when I got home...watched a movie.
Chores at 6:15.

 Made a salad, acorn squash...
 and leftovers for a late dinner.
Night all.


Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

You have such a wonderful life. Such an active one too! I must try to be more active!

ann @ studiohyde said...

What a great idea to have the walk - ride group. Love this post, showing the group of youngsters doing work on the garden, obviously a very special place.

Michaele said...

You have such an involved community! The biking trail sounds wonderful and a perfect day for it. I would love to be on the gardening comity.

Unknown said...

Lori - with youngsters as community minded as that, there's hope for us all.

Michelle said...

I have to agree with the other comments. Your community sounds so involved in its betterment.